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Why you should be Prudent when Undergoing the Testosterone Treatment 

by Paul Petersen

A majority of men would struggle with penile erections whereas; there would be some suffering from erectile dysfunction or ED. It would be a condition when you cannot get or keep the erection adequately firm for sexual intercourse. A good option would be to look for a urologist brooklyn new york to help provide a suitable solution. 

If you were suffering from ED, you might consider undergoing testosterone treatment. It is the latest treatment for curing your ED issues. Testosterone is a male sex hormone, which usually goes down when men cross the age of 50 years. At such an age, ED is a common condition in most men. However, unless you have other symptoms and signs of low testosterone, you should consider undergoing the treatment. 

Find below a few important reasons for undergoing testosterone treatment. 


  • The treatment may not be helpful for ED 


The treatment may not improve your erections using the normal testosterone levels. Various studies show that it would assist men with lower testosterone levels, provided their ED is the only symptom. 


  • Other causes for ED 


The major cause for ED is low blood flow to the male reproductive system or there may be a problem with the nerves controlling the erections. The other conditions resulting in ED could be a hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Such conditions would narrow the blood vessels. It would result in reduced blood flow to the male reproductive system. The aforementioned conditions could also damage the erectile nerves. Lower testosterone may hamper your desire to have sex, but it may not cause erectile dysfunction. 


  • Risks involved with testosterone treatment 


Testosterone treatment could result in the body retaining plenty of fluid. It may also result in acne, enlarged breasts, and enlarged prostate. The other side effects would be inclusive of an increased number of blood cells causing heart problems, lower fertility rate, higher risk of prostate cancer, and increased sleep apnea. 

When should you consider undergoing testosterone treatment for erectile dysfunction? 

If you had trouble having erections for three months, consider talking to your doctor. He would inquire about the symptoms before considering the physical examination of your body. 

Signs or symptoms of low testosterone could be inclusive of reduced sex drive, increased breast growth, losing body hair, reduced muscle size, strength, and feeble bones. In a majority of cases, the testicles could also reduce in size. 

In the event, you have any of the aforementioned signs or symptoms; you should consider getting your blood tested by the healthcare provider for measuring your testosterone levels. You would be required to consider undertaking a blood test more than once. The best time to take the test would be in the morning when the testosterone levels are highest. 

In case, the tests reveal about your testosterone levels reducing significantly, your doctor would consider the most possible causes for lower testosterone levels. In the event, there is no other reason found for lower testosterone levels, you could consider trying the testosterone treatment.