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Why Work a Collection Lawyer Instead of a Collection Agency

by Paul Petersen

While running a business, there may come a time when you don’t get full payments for the services you rendered or products you offered. However, your business depends on the revenue it receives to succeed, so you must look for a way to make your clients pay. There are ways you can consider when dealing with this situation. You can send out a letter yourself requesting payment, hire a collection agency to take over the account, or hire New York collection lawyers to secure payments.

A lot of business owners don’t take on the debt collection process themselves because if it is daunting and they lack the resources for handling it in-house. Using a collection or agency is a much better way to get the money owed faster. The majority of businesses turn to collection agencies but collection lawyers can be more effective at collecting debts.

Collection Agencies are Often Ignored

While collection agencies have the power to file credit reports, deliver written correspondence, and make phone calls, these actions are not enough to force people to pay their debts. Also, these agencies are not permitted to pretend like lawyers. As a result, most people in debt ignore these agencies and never pay what they owe.

Collection Lawyers can Take Legal Action

While there is little a collection agency can do when a client does not pay, a collection attorney can take more steps. Because they are lawyers, they can tell debtors that legal action is imminent if they fail to pay their debts. Lawyers take a more specialized and dedicated approach to debt collection. They have an entire team dedicated to your case and pursuing your debt until it is collected. A collection lawyer can get your debtors to pay quicker as they can take legal action. They don’t need to sell your account to a higher power as they can take the necessary action themselves.