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Why an RV is a Great Place to Self-Quarantine

by Paul Petersen

In a time when COVID-19—a unique form of the coronavirus—most major cities and even small towns are now encouraging individuals to self-quarantine. So why is an RV considered a good place to hunker down if one tests positive as the virus spreads?

RV’s are Designed for Seclusion

An RV is equipped with everything one needs to cook, bathe, sleep and be entertained while staying out of the realm of the general masses.

You can take and park your travel trailer anywhere, so even if one person needs to be quarantined, they can stay nearby their home and family if they prefer.

Travel Trailers for the Homeless

Homelessness is a serious issue in many communities, and where do they go when a potentially deadly virus goes rampant? Cities like San Francisco, Houston, and Los Angeles are turning to the use of travel trailers to help maintain civility and prevent the spreading of COVID-19.

RV’s Clean Up Easily

Those who don’t require hospitalization might not want to deal with having to clean and sanitize their entire home to keep their family safe and prevent reinfection. The great aspect of RVs for self-quarantine situations is that they are designed for easy cleanup.

After all, they are used by campers, fishermen and all types of outdoor enthusiasts, so their rugged construction and typically basic furnishings are much easier to sanitize.

If you’ve tested positive for coronavirus and are in need of temporary housing, consider renting or buying a new or used RV from a local dealer for a self-quarantine shelter.

These dealers are likely eager to help community members with excellent deals in this time of a global crisis, so don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance in choosing models best for isolation during COVID=10.