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Where to Find the Best IT Management Employees?

by Paul Watsdon

When it comes to finding an IT manager who matches your company, it’s not just as easy as searching through CVs anymore.

IT has changed in the last two years. Those with their finger on the pulse already know that it has gone from being the department that fixes things when Janet in Sales gets locked out of her account again, to being the department that kept you all able to trade during the pandemic. It has gone from being third runner up to being the number 1 place you turn to when business goes bad.

With this in mind, it has become imperative that the modern business employ the best possible IT team to help accommodate their needs. If everyone is working from home, you need tech staff able to connect Janet without physically going to her house. Only a great IT technician will do.

So here are our tips on fining the best IT staff in a world gone IT staff crazy. With every other company finally catching on to the benefits of the online world, here’s how you stand out and attract the staff you need.

How to Find the Best IT Staff in 2021

If you want nothing but the best candidates to apply for your positions, here’s what you need to do.

1 – Use a Two way Jobsite

By two-way jobsite we mean those that you can scan for employees, but that employees can upload CVs to, as well. This gives the best level of transparency and lets you see exactly what you are getting before you invite for interviews. A good example of a two way jobsite is the one run by Hays Technology, right here in the UK. They specialise in IT jobs so you know you will get a great choice in candidates. 

2 – Offer Great Salaries

It all comes down to money, at the end of the day. If you aren’t prepared to splash the cash on a better IT technician, then you are going to always be working with the ones that are fresh out of college. It’s not that they’re not great, it’s just that they will always want to shake things up to make their mark on your company and nobody wants to rollout new software systems every 6 months.

Offer great starter salaries and attract some experienced talent, then throw in the promise of a rising wage every year. Great salaries will attract great staff. If it doesn’t? Get rid of them and start again.

3 – Consider offering Benefits

What about throwing in a brilliant pension plan or access to a company car? All these things will improve the quality of staff that you attract to your brand. Remember, businesses thrive with better IT staff, so splashing out can be seen as an investment, rather than an expense. Consider a bonus to the salary and other ways you can make them feel wanted. Which brings us to our final point…

Value your Staff

If you manage to attract the best IT staff to your business, keep in mind that others will be trying to steal them from you. Your staff are your talent, don’t let them go without a fight.