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What Type of Folding Knife Would Be Best To Defend Against An Animal Attack?

by Paul Petersen

As you already know, a knife is a tool you can use in a wide variety of tasks. You can use it at home to perform various activities in the kitchen or outdoors during your camping. But, a folding ulu knife also comes in handy for self-defense purposes.

While we would never wish anyone to encounter a circumstance that needs defending, you might need to be in dire need. With the right gear, you should be able to escape an animal attack. This article looks at five types of folding knives you need to protect yourself from an animal attack.

     1. Spyderco Karahawk Folding Karambit

This is one of the best folding knives you can use for self-defense purposes. Like most other folding knives, this one is easy to deploy, thanks to the Emerson Opener. The hook incorporated into the blade allows the blade to deploy immediately after removing it from your pocket or its case. With this knife, you are ready to attack without wasting any time that quickly leads to fatality. It possesses a VG -10 steel blade and G-10 handle, which makes the knife combat-friendly.

     2. Kershaw CQC-6K

The mechanism of this knife is almost similar to the first one. But, it is slightly bigger than the first. Kershaw is a company known for manufacturing some of the best folding tactical knives. The company partnered with Emerson to add the wave opening feature in various folding knives. These features prompt the knife to deploy after you remove it from your pocket.

The blade is made with stainless steel that retains sharpness even after a long time without sharpening. It also has an excellent finger grip, ensuring it does not slip when you least expect it.

     3. Grand way spring assisted knife

This is one of the cheapest, yet defense-effective folding knives with a total length is 7.75 inches, with the blade being 3.42 inches. The knife has a pocket clip for easy carry and a spring-assisted mechanism that ensures easy deployment. It has an ergonomic handle notch to enhance grip. The knife is designed to prevent dirt from jamming its spring, leading to the blade closing unintentionally.

     4. Cold Steel Spartan Folding Knife

This is an impressive folding knife whose thick spine and finger cutouts of the handle make it feel like you are holding a defense-capable tool. It features an AUS10A Japanese steel blade that cuts through flesh like butter, making it worth being on this list. It also has a tri-Ad lock system that ensures the knife is well caged, preventing cutting through your skin or other things unintentionally.

     5. Folding Ulu Knife

Last on this list is the ulu knife. This is a legendary knife with a five-star rating from users in Alaska and several other states worldwide.

It is a sturdy knife with stainless steel blade whose handle is designed from goat horns, jaw bone, ivory, Dymond wood, and several other materials that are easy to grip. The edge remains sharp longer while the knife deploys instantly.

With one of these knives, you are set to tackle any animal that might attack you. Visit bmerrystudio.com or call us at (907) 830-0190 to order a customized folding ulu knife.