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What to Do to Unwind in Batam Island

by Danny White

Batam is your best alternative for a place to unwind and unwind. Here are some of the activities that you can do.

Go cable-skiing for only $25

Suppose you’ve ever been interested in water skiing. In that case, you will know that one hour on the weekends will easily set you back an incredible $50 in Singapore. In case the price point alone has been holding you back all this time, it is possible to double your fun at the Batam Cableski Park to get the same price.

1-hour ski ticket is about IDR 250000/pax (S$25/pax), and those who desire a full day outside in the sun can opt for the Day Ski Package, that ends at a 2-way ferry holiday, land transfers, lunch, and a full-day ski pass for just IDR 1042683.28 (S$100). It is possible to see their walk-in prices and a complete selection of packages here.

And more than water sports, they have also got an entertainment section complete with a pool table, table, and mini basketball court. Shower facilities and lockers are also offered F.O.C. for guests.

Ride a go-kart and race against your buddies

When the phrases “go-kart” is sufficient to establish your pulse racing, you know that you want to strike this following activity off your Batam list. Do not worry. No prior driving experience is needed, so the young ones among us can endure our Tokyo Drift fantasies.

Lone riders need to pay IDR140000 (~S$13.43) for 10 minutes. Double seater options are available in IDR 235000 (~S$22.54) for precisely the same duration. Still, these are intended for parents with kids under 130cm.

Stay at a kelong to Encounter kampong life.

Sitting in front of a computer screen all day may lead to severe brain drain. Those in requirement of a little tech detox can book themselves a stay at Batam’s MoonBay Kelong. Accommodating groups from 6-14 pax, the kelong provides ultimate privacy for travelers seeking to kick back and unwind and focus on life’s simple pleasures.

Each room is furnished with double-decker bunk beds plus a 32″ flat screen T.V. that broadcasts local stations for people who die-die cannot live without entertainment.

To lull the time away, check out their on-site fishing dock where you can fish stingrays, dory, and grouper. Pass your own catch of the afternoon to the team on-site, and they will whip up a tasty fish feast for the next meal.

Do a river cruise, water jetpacking, and cruising in Turi Beach Resort.

Fans of the sand and sea can look forward to a string of intriguing tasks at Turi Beach. They range from laid-back attractions like going to a River Tower, to exciting ones like riding on a Banana Boat and Flyboarding.

Thrill-seekers can elect for flyboarding — 15 minutes of this activity will probably price IDR 630000 (~S$60.38) a unit and 30 minutes — IDR 1030000 (~S$98.71) per unit. This is the most exciting but expensive activity on our record, but it’s worth the adventure yet as it is not every day that we’re able to turbojet above and across the water. The lake cruise is one hour ride Nongsa River to get IDR 240000 (~ S $ 23)/pax for more moderate.

Go glamping in Ranoh Island

People that are on the lookout for a whimsical escape can look at Ranoh Island Batam’s glamping choices. Glamping is among the premier centers. But it is an excellent thought to be had, mainly because you won’t need to jostle with the audience as you are surrounded by pristine white beaches and clear azure waters. It almost feels as if you are hanging out from the Caribbean.

The island is currently a 75-minute mentor and ferry journey from Batam Center and provides numerous packages for you and your loved ones beginning from $75 for a one day tour. There is an assortment of tents offered, such as a small tent, which matches as many as two people, plus a family tent that fits a family of 4. The tents aren’t air-conditioned but have fans to keep you cool.

Parents with kids can check out the island’s Water Park. It will be a gigantic floating park in the middle of the sea where guests can navigate their way through many obstacle courses. Free activities include Archery, Mahjong, Canoeing, and Snorkeling.

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