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What Are the Advantages of Living in Independent Senior Housing?

by Paul Petersen

Retirement is something every senior should be able to look forward to—however, often the burdens of maintenance and homeownership can be a significant weight on seniors. This is where an independent living facility comes in. An independent living facility can allow seniors who are still ready to live autonomously to enjoy their retirement free from care and in the company of other similarly situated seniors.

Let’s take a closer look at the top benefits of independent senior housing.

Worry-Free Living

Perhaps the thing seniors can look forward to the most is the freedom that it can offer them from time-consuming maintenance. You will no longer be responsible for cutting the grass or clearing a clogged drain. From the biggest maintenance to the smallest housekeeping, there are employees ready to handle the job so that you can focus on enjoying life. Maintenance teams are ready day or night to handle emergency repairs, and unlike regular homeownership, there are no costly maintenance bills to worry about. All of the costs of housekeeping and maintenance are covered in your rent, which brings us to the next advantage.

Simplified Expenses

With independent senior housing, you no longer need to worry about adding up countless different expenses. Everything, including rent, internet, cable, utilities, and maintenance, is added into one easy monthly payment. This makes it easy to track your expenses and can often be highly financially beneficial as well. In many cases, seniors will downsize from a large expensive home they don’t need and get rid of many expenses that they weren’t even aware they had. In many cases, seniors save even more by selling their cars and using the transportation services these communities offer instead.

Privacy and Community

With independent senior living, residents still can enjoy the privacy of living in their own space. Yet, with common areas, including gyms and recreational facilities, and activities usually taking place, there are always opportunities for seniors to enjoy interacting with an active community. Seniors can balance living privately with taking part in the community however they choose.

Make New Connections

One issue many seniors face is isolation—even the most active seniors may struggle with it. However, independent senior housing makes it much easier to make new friends. With a community of like-minded seniors, all without the burdens of maintenance and grocery shopping, plus many daily activities to share, it is easy to connect with other residents.

Enhanced Wellness

Independent senior housing provides residents with experts on health and wellness. This includes nutritionists planning the meal services to provide residents with healthy and delicious food that will boost energy levels and help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, and weight gain.

Plus, with fitness instructors, exercise facilities, and regular activities, it is easy to stay active. This is great not only for physical wellness which can help prevent many chronic illnesses but also for mental wellness.

Final Thoughts

Independent senior housing offers many advantages for those looking to live independently but without the burdens that come with it. Seniors can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with free time to enjoy trying new things and meeting new people. Independent senior housing is a great way to enjoy your retirement doing what you love worry-free. If you need help finding a senior community near you, Senioridy is here to help with thousands of options nationwide.