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Ways to Solution Your Air Conditioning Unit Yourself

by Paul Watsdon

The good news is, you don’t always require an expert to service your AC unit. There are a few things you can DIY before calling a professional.

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Modification of the Air Filter

Amongst the most crucial as well as easiest means to preserve your device is to alter the air filter. You don’t need a specialist; merely find your device’s filter slot, slide out the old filter as well as insert the new one, making note of the direction of the circulation of air as well as the side of the filter requires to get encountered out. Make certain to describe your unit’s supplier’s directions for correct filter dimension and works for effectively replacing the filter.

Wondering which type to get as well as how commonly to alter the air filter? That depends on your way of life. Do you have pets? Do you have children with allergic reactions? Filters can be found in different “strengths,” relying on how filtered you want the air to be in your home. They also need to be changed at different times, depending on your conditions. As an example, if you have family pets, you may think about replacing them on a monthly basis, as well as buying a filter with a higher rating, the greater the number, the more it filters the air. The same rule applies if you have a member of the family that may be sensitive to dirt as well as various other irritants. At a minimum, filters must be changed every 90 days.

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Do a Little Spring Cleaning

The new filter is in, so it’s time to inspect a few more things off your checklist. First, make sure all the indoor vents are tidy. Next, put a cup of bleach blended with thin down the drainpipe of the outside system to prevent mold and algae buildup. After that, guarantee the unit:

  • Is on a level surface
  • Stays two feet away from anything surrounding it
  • Doesn’t have any kind of debris, such as pollen, leaves, as well as twigs, clogging it up
  • Has the proper quality insulation surrounding the lines of the refrigerant

Keep in mind: For safety reasons, this must be done without trying to open up the outdoor unit. If you feel that you can’t get it tidy without taking it apart, contact a professional to do the grunt work.