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Various advantages of using optic fibre internet connection

by Paul Petersen

Life is a race and we don’t want to lose it. We must keep pace with the advancement of technology. To cope up with it, the internet is the only device that connects us with the entire world. With the modernization of technology, internet service providers have also brought various changes, like now we are getting internet service through optical fibres which have a number of benefits. So, let us see what is optic fibre and what are the benefits of opting for an optic fibre internet connection.

What is optic fibre internet?

Optic fibre internet is a complete advancement over plain cable internet. It uses optical fibre in the transmission of signals. These fibre particles are made of glass making it easier for the signals to get transmitted from one source to another. Cable internet, on the other hand, uses copper for sending signals. As we know, metal is a good conductor of heat. So, if the metal heats up, it weakens the signal and the internet becomes slower. In this way, optic fibre is the best internet connection available to us. You can also check out the rcn internet packages for extremely fast and reliable internet connection.

Different types of optic fibre: 

Before we opt for fibre optic cable internet, we must know the types of optic fibre cable. There are three forms of optic fibre cable internets:

  • FTTH or FTTP: It provides services to the home or premises. It is the most reliable and the fastest as well.
  • FTTC: It provides services outside your home. The short length of copper wire is used which is also known as a bottleneck.
  • FTTN: It provides services to the neighbourhood. The optic fibres may travel within one mile of your home.

Advantages of optical fibres: 

There are so many advantages of using the fibre optic internet. Let us have a look at each one of them:

1 Speed: We all are fascinated to download movies, games, books according to our choices. To do these, we only need high-speed internet services and this can be only possible if we go with optic fibre internet service. It takes 40 seconds only to download 1 GB of data whereas cable internet takes 7 minutes to download 100 MB of data.

2 Reliability: The other name of the internet is life, it must go on. We never think of a moment without the internet. So, there is a question of reliability. We cannot even imagine a moment with slow internet services and the only solution is to use the fibre optic internet. It is capable of handling more users and more data at a time consistently at a higher speed.

3 Multiple connectivities: We all love to live with our family members and all the members of our family like to keep themselves busy with their own activities. For these, we need to have access to an internet connection at the time. That can only be possible with optical fibre internet. Everyone in a family can carry on their business if they opt for fibre optic internet services.

4 Safety: Whatever we do, the first thing that we must keep in our mind is safety. We should also apply safety measures all the time even when we are at our home. With optic fibre internet, you will be able to access the internet in a completely secure way. We can get time to time notification if there is any disaster or information about national security.

5 Cost: It is very important to think about cost-effectiveness before stepping out to do anything. An optical fibre internet connection gives you lower cost assurance than a cable internet connection. Ultimately, we can consider the fibre optic internet service as cost-effective insurance for all sizes of organization.

6 Access to telemedicine: Nowadays, all people are very conscious about their health and to keep yourself healthy, you need to consult with a physician at regular intervals for proper medication. But we don’t have much time to go or visit a doctor. Hence, telemedicine is the only solution for us. Telemedicine lets health care persons diagnose and treat sick persons remotely. With the help of high-speed internet services, even an elderly person can live independently.

Few thoughts to conclude with:

Now, we can believe that fibre optic internet connection is a breakthrough in internet connection services. Nowadays, internet connection is not a luxury, rather it is a necessity. As the entire world is connected through the internet, we also need to have access to a really good internet connection. So, if you are in need of high-speed internet all the time, you must always go for an internet service provider who is ready to provide you with the desirable speed of internet and that too at an affordable rate..