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Top 7 Cute Nature Emojis to Use For Your Posts

by Clare Louise

Technology has brought us tons of benefits and advantages that we can use in our daily life. Among those advantages is it is easier to communicate with family, friends, and loved ones. You can send texts, chat messages, and emails in just a few clicks away. Staying in touch has never been this easy before, and it is something to be grateful for. 

When you send a text message to a friend or family member, sending long paragraphs can be tedious. So why not make it simpler with emojis? Emojis are upgraded emoticons that make texting and chatting more fun and colorful. There are tons of emojis that you can choose from, and here are seven of the cutest nature emojis you should try.

Unicorn Emoji

Unicorns are known as magical, lovely, soothing, and magnificent animals. They are very famous in every fairytale story making magical changes in our nature. That’s why people use this unicorn emoji when they appreciate nature. 

People interpret its horn as something that gives a magical beauty to it. No wonder unicorn emoji is included in the list. There are also other distinctive interpretations of unicorn emoji. 

Most of the time, people use this emoji in having a successful start-up business worth a lot of money or a campaign strategy to gain more exposure. It may also literally mean someone is sharing a positive or mystical feeling. 

Droplet Water Emoji

The droplet water emoji is one of the cutest nature emojis only because it looks like a water drop. Most people use this emoji to refer to anything wet, such as sweating or even crying. If a person feels sad, they usually use the droplet emoji associated with the crying emoji.

Fire Emoji

This emoji symbolizes a wide flame. While this is among the nature emoji board, many people use it whenever they say something savage or see something lit. The fire emoji is also used whenever users comment on other people’s posts that show hotness or savageness. 

Water Wave Emoji

If you plan to go on a beach trip with your friends, send them this water wave emoji right away, and they will get the message right away! This emoji shows an icon of an ocean wave. So, for your next surf trip, make sure all your friends get an invite with this emoji! Aside from being called the water wave emoji, this is also called the sea wave emoji. 

Rainbow Emoji

Whether you’ve seen a rainbow or you feel loved, let the world know by sending everyone a rainbow emoji today. Typically, the rainbow emoji is used to express gay pride since rainbow colors are their symbol. Aside from that, the rainbow emoji is also associated with genuine happiness and love. 

Clover Leaf Emoji

When you hear the word nature, you will first think of leaves. The four-leaf clover is among the cutest nature emojis you can use. Most people use this emoji to send luck to anyone close to their hearts. So, if you wish someone good luck, send them this lucky four-leaf clover emoji!

Sunflower Emoji

This emoji symbolizes one of the prettiest flowers in the world: the sunflower. If you think roses are too overrated to express your appreciation or love towards someone, why not send them this sunflower emoji? This emoji symbolizes grace and brightness. 

Palm Tree Emoji

Palm trees send a calming vibe, as many people think of the beach whenever they see one. The palm tree emoji shows a tall and long tree trunk. Most people use this emoji whenever they are at the beach chilling and having a good time during vacation.

Sun Emoji

Whether it’s a sunny day today or feeling a little positive when you wake up, the sun emoji is a great way to greet everyone on a great morning. This emoji shows a small sun icon that has a face on it looking at the user. The sun emoji is also used to brighten someone up when they are feeling down.

The Three Globe Emojis

In the emoji board in the nature and animal section, you will see three globe emojis. The first one shows the Asia and Australia area, the Americas, and Europe and the Africas. This emoji is a part of the Unicode 6.0.

Fallen Leaf Emoji

If it’s already near the fall season, let all your friends and family know by sending them this fallen leaf emoji. This emoji shows three dried leaves that come in different sizes. Aside from the fall season, this emoji is also the symbol of sadness and nostalgia.

Cherry Blossom Emoji

Cherry blossoms are among the prettiest flowers across the world. This flower is prominent more in Japan, and whenever someone is on a trip to Japan, they use this emoji. Most people use this emoji to express their romantic intentions to someone they like.

Bouquet Emoji

The bouquet emoji is among the most used flower emojis. If you want to court a girl, send them this bouquet emoji every morning, and they will surely love you for it. You can also use this emoji as part of your greeting on any occasion, such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, and more.


Emojis are fun to use at all times. Texting will never be tedious again with emojis. Upgrade your texting today and use emojis to relay a message! With all these fun and exciting small icons, you will never go back to typing paragraphs to express what you want to say.