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Tips to Prevent Overspending on Online Shopping

by Rosy

During this pandemic, you spend more time on your phone. It has been months since this crisis began, and you’re already running out of things to do. As a result, you opened your shopping apps and started buying things. You don’t even need some of them. However, since you feel bored, you bought them anyway. If you realised that you’re already going beyond the budget, it’s time to do the right thing. These are some tips to avoid overspending.

Uninstall the shopping apps

If you believe that your behaviour is getting worse, the only option is to uninstall the apps. You can’t have them anymore. If you do, you will continue your terrible behaviour. Don’t let temptation win you over. If you uninstall now, it takes time to reinstall. By then, you would have already realised what you did and immediately stop.

Print your budget 

It might also help to print a copy of your budget and stick it on the wall. It will serve as a reminder that you have other expenses to consider. Allowing shopping apps to dictate your financial decisions will destroy your budget. It also helps to remind other family members that you’re trying to live within your means. They have to be cautious too.

Don’t fall for discounts 

You might think about buying certain products because they’re at a discounted price. These items aren’t necessarily available at that price. If you decide to buy them, you will regret it. Also, if there are signs that the products are of limited supply, it’s not always true. When you check them out a week or two later, they may still be there. The price might even be lower. For items like a walk in shower enclosure, listen to your better judgment. You deserve one to relax, and you can find a good buy online.

Check your finances 

Always go back to your savings account. It will remind you to stop spending. You don’t have unlimited financial resources. If you decide to keep spending, you can get buried in debts. Imagine if there are emergencies and you already spent a lot. It will only worsen your financial situation.

Ask yourself again next time

If you checked the product now and you liked it, suspend your plans first. Take another look next time and see if you still like it. If you do, you can buy it. Otherwise, stop. You don’t need the item anymore, and there’s no point in pursuing your plans.

You have more free time now, and it’s easy to fall for the urge to buy online. You’re just bored, and you bought. Eventually, you realise that it’s not in your best interest. Don’t wait until it becomes an addiction.

If you can leave your house to buy the essentials, do it. If you can do it safely, there’s nothing wrong. It’s better to stick to a traditional way of shopping instead of relying on online stores all the time.