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Tips to Planning a Summer Outdoor Wedding

by Rosy


Summertime is full of sun and gentle breezes, but for outdoor events it can also be full of sweat and longings for air conditioned rooms. That’s why planning a soiree like a wedding in the heat of the summer can be difficult. If you’re dead set on having a June or July union with your spouse-to-be, there are plenty of things to consider to make your guests and yourself as comfortable as possible during the ceremony and the reception. Things like plenty of fans, tents for shade, and restroom trailers might not be the first items on your mind, but you won’t regret including them at your special day.

Heat Relief

Your biggest issue at a summertime wedding will almost definitely be the heat. As temperatures soar, you need to have a plan to keep your guests as cool as possible so they aren’t sweating through their suits or feeling the effects of heat fatigue. One easy way to do this is to offer cooling off zones around your reception area. This could be tents with misters, fans strategically placed around the venue, or an air conditioned lobby area with chairs for people who need a momentary respite. 

Another easy way to miss the worst of the heat is to plan your day according to the sun, meaning don’t start activities at noon. Early to mid-morning and late afternoon to early evening are the best times to hold outdoor events because they’re the coolest parts of the day. The sun either hasn’t fully risen or is starting to set, allowing the day to cool down to more manageable temperatures. 


Everyone will want to look nice for your big day, but heavy fabrics can make a hot day feel even hotter. Opt for breathable fabrics for the wedding party such as linen suits or a light, flowy, chiffon dress. Keeping fabric to a minimum will increase breathability and comfort during the ceremony. As a service to your guests, you can provide paper fans, miniature personalized electric fans, or handkerchiefs for blotting perspiring areas. 

It’s also advised to wear and perhaps offer some protection against the sun or pesky insects. If your wedding is in the woods or a field, you might opt to offer some bug spray to your guests. If it’s on a beach, a few complimentary bottles of sunblock would be well appreciated by those guests who may have not thought that far ahead.