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Salt Lake City divorce: Top reasons why you need a lawyer!

by Danny White

Utah allows for both no-fault and fault-based divorce. In other words, filing for divorce doesn’t have to be complicated. However, divorce is not just about paperwork. It means reconsidering your entire life ahead. This is also time for discussing some of the more uncomfortable questions – Where you live after your divorce? Do you need spousal support? What if your spouse wants custody of the kids? While friends and family can advise on many things, legal advice is not their forte. You need a skilled Salt Lake City divorce lawyer on your side. In this post, we are sharing top reasons why you may want to get an attorney for your divorce. 

  1. Getting genuine advice. There are many things to consider before you file for divorce. Your divorce lawyer is your best resource for understanding the options and consequences of your decisions. Family attorneys know the whole separation and divorce process usually works between spouses, and they can offer practical and unbiased advice. 
  2. Protecting your rights and interests. A good divorce lawyer can help in protecting your rights. Utah allows for equitable distribution of assets, but what happens if your spouse denies your rights or refuses to give your share? Talk to a lawyer to know your rights, and they can work on protecting your interests, depending on your expectations from the divorce. 
  3. Negotiation and mediation. If you have a minor child, you need to work with your spouse to come to an acceptable child custody agreement. Courts in Utah encourage co-parents to have their own agreement. Your divorce lawyer will want to sort the battle as amicably as possible, for which they can mediate and talk to your spouse and their lawyer. 

Discussing your divorce

Various factors can impact the overall outcome of the divorce for you. When you meet a divorce lawyer for the first time, ask about all relevant aspects, but do share your thoughts. For instance, if your spouse is likely to accuse you of adultery because you were having an affair, your attorney needs to know that. Find an attorney who has no conflict of interest, and anything that you discuss with your divorce lawyer will be entirely confidential. 

Most divorce lawyers in Utah work on an hourly basis, or have a retainer fee. Make sure that you are aware of the overall costs of the divorce before you go ahead with an attorney.