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Reduce Dark Circles Naturally At Home

by Paul Petersen

When you are working at a stretch, and not sleeping on time, and having a lot of stress, chances are that you will end up developing dark circles under your eye. Very commonly known as ‘eye-bags’, these dark circles that develop under your eyes are one of the most difficult things to get rid of from your face.

Most other skin problems such as acne, or other such skin issues, they have more or less products which can be used in order to make them better. Skin problems have got a foundation of things that can be applied on and rectified under most situations. However, dark circles happen to have a persistent nature which stops them from getting away from the face. Even though several products exist in order to have reduction in dark circles, they are never exactly useful in getting rid of the dark circles and hence having a better and different approach towards getting rid of dark circles would be a better option. The better manner in which dark circles can be gotten rid of happens to be the natural ways in which it is safer and more efficient in order to have them away.

Natural ways of reducing dark circles under your eyes 

  •         Apply a cold compress under your eyes- This cold compress can either be ice or a compress which had been kept in the fridge. Applying this on your eyes and under your eyes can be very helpful in reducing the puffiness that is also associated with the formation of dark circles. You can wrap ice cubes with a cloth and then apply it slowly beneath your eyes and have a different look to yourself within a few days if you keep on doing this for a few days.
  •         Getting extra sleep- It is a known factor that your dark circles are being caused mainly from a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation usually causes your skin to look paler, which makes your dark circles more apparent and visible than usual. Always give yourself seven to eight hours of sleep for reducing dark circles in general.
  •         Elevate the head while sleep- Even though the sleep hours can be a massive contributing factor towards your dark circles, but the elevation of the head while you sleep can contribute towards stopping certain fluids from accumulating under your eye, thus helping in prevention in having any dark circle formation. 
  •         Soaking with tea bags- Applying cold tea bags under your eyes can and will improve the appearance of your eyes in general and also will be removing dark circles from your eyes properly.
  •         Getting professional treatment- It is possible that even after you have applied different formats for making your eyes look better than before, your dark circles will still not disappear. The best way of then treating this would be through professionals.

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