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Reasons of the Popularity of Chinese Series

by Rosy

There are a variety of reasons why Chinese series have become so popular in recent years. Many advantages exist in the Chinese entertainment industry that are considered comparative rather than competitive. The ซีรี่ย์จีน use to differ from the Korean series. These happen to be among the most widespread web series, in that the Korean series’ benefits use to be modest. These two advantages, competitive and comparative, have a significant difference between them. The Chinese series use to be gaining acceptance in other countries. The themes happen to range from political to historical to romance, demonstrating a wide range of tastes and topics.

Different forms of Benefits

There use to be a clear distinction between comparative and competitive advantages. The competitive advantages use to be short-lived. Its importance and value diminishes over time as viewers’ tastes change. Several factors are responsible for the decrease in value and viewership, which may occur as a result of the series’ quality deteriorating. Another reason could be that people are constantly developing new tastes. Because of its repetitive theme, monotonous dialogues, similar characterization, and other factors, a popular series from a decade or even a few years ago may no longer appeal to a large audience.

However, the comparative advantages of the Chinese series are considered permanent. Unlike the competitive advantages, they will last a long time. It’s because they don’t appeal to the intellect of a large number of audiences or stir their emotions to the extent that they should when they’re made at a specific point in time. It could be because the Chinese series is more experimental than the Korean series’ themes, which are more repetitive. The Chinese series’ themes are diverse and differ from one another. For a long time, audiences are unable to adapt to anything other than what they see. They do not immediately grasp the essence of a theme. However, they will realise it after a certain period of time has passed.

The Entertainment Business of China

China’s entertainment industry happens to be widely regarded as the most developed in Asia. It also implies that they have complete control over the entertainment industry. It implies that any entertainment industry wishing to dominate the Asian entertainment market must prioritise Chinese viewers. It happens to be one of the most valuable advantages that the Chinese people possess, as they have in-depth knowledge of their market. The Chinese entertainment industry has been well-funded, and it has more resources than any other industry. According to a recent survey, China ranks second in the number of professionals working in a series and the revenues earned from it, out of a plethora of entertainment industries. The Chinese series also employs a number of low-cost props, as well as low labour costs. It has a direct impact on the economy of the country because the lower cost of producing a series saves a lot of money that can be used to produce another series later. It happens improve efficiency.