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Questions for Local Plumbers in Katy, TX

by Paul Watsdon

If you need to hire one of the local plumbers in Katy, TX, there are some questions you want to ask first.

Are you licensed? This is a big question and you don’t want to forget to ask this. It helps to do your own research since some shady plumbers can operate without a license. You want to make sure that your plumber has a license. This means the plumber is registered with the governing body at the local level. If you work with a plumber that isn’t licensed, then the work may not pass inspection and there will be little recourse if there is a lot of damage from the work.

What is the total cost? Many local plumbers in Katy, TX, will offer estimates to customers but be wary of any plumber that is going to give an estimate over the phone. Many will come to check out the job before giving you numbers. Once a plumber has a chance to look over the job and gives you a number you can then ask if it includes the labor, materials, and contingencies for problems. Some estimates will look great on paper but only include basic costs and if you add materials, it will increase greatly.

Is this a flat rate or hourly rate? When you get an estimate, be sure the total you are being quoted isn’t going to change due to labor costs. While materials are a fixed price, if the job is hourly then the costs are going to increase for labor.

When do you expect payment? Always ask when the plumber expects payment and how much of the cost should be upfront. Once the work is done you are then required to pay a certain number in a certain time frame. Know what to expect. Times payments can work oaky but if the plumber is working slowly then you could be paying too much for too little.

Who’s going to do the extra work? Sometimes companies employ more than one plumber or use laborers. Make sure you know the level of experience and qualifications of the people completing the job.

Do you clean up the mess? Some plumbing companies won’t clean up when done. Always ask if this is included and if not, why it’s not. Sometimes companies charge a little bit more for cleanup, but it could be worth the cost.

What if something breaks? Find out what kind of warranty or guarantee comes with the contract. For example, some plumbers come back within a year and fix the problems, and some will only cover issues under certain conditions. Make sure you know what the guarantee is and double check to make sure the plumber is also insured if there is any accident on the property.