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Quarantine Entertainment: Online Games That Keep You Hooked

by Paul Watsdon

With states easing lockdown restrictions, the possibility of another period of lockdowns is not out of the question. This is because the early liftingofpandemic bans resulted in a surge in coronavirus cases. Therefore, instead of dreaming ofa world without restrictions and coronavirus, it is time to identify the upcoming reality. And for that, you need to be more accepting of the future.

You can keep yourself entertained at home through many ways. During the initial quarantine days, people challenged their personalities and tried stuff they usually do not in the normal days. Activitiessuch as cooking, crafting, and even completing the daily house chores. However, now people have started running out of ideas to keep themselves busy.

Therefore, we have brought some good solutions to the table. One of the greatest ways to keep yourself hooked yet entertained is by playing video games. Video games have always been great for helping people keeping their minds off thedisturbing reality.It givesthem back their energized self. But during the coronavirus quarantine phase, video games have been more beneficial than ever. Online video games have not only managed to keep people‘s minds off the harsh reality but have also brought them closer to each other.

However, to make sure you have a good time playing online video games you need to make sure that you have high-speed internet service at home. This is because without a high-speed internet service you will sabotage the gaming experience and end up regretting your decision of having slow internet. Therefore, we suggest you get in touch with Hughesnet internet service that offers HughesNet plans that are super affordable and reliable.

Now that we know which internet service would best compliment online gaming session, let us introduce you to some of the amazing online games you should start playing today:


Who does not know about the highly popular video game named PubG? Unless you are living under a rock there is no other way that you have not heard about it. The well-recognized online multiplayer royalebattle game lets you fight for life on an island with 99 other players fighting for the same reason. Once you finish off your enemies and formulate winning strategies, you strive to bethe last man standing to have a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”

The game lets you connect with your friends on a whole lot of different levels. So if you want to keep yourself hooked yet have great company then you know which game to play.


The famous family card game can now be played with all its glory through a smart device. The all-time favorite family card game has not only builtbut also destroyed relationships when the game starts getting real. However, this family reunion cannot happen since the coronavirus pandemic has restricted group meetings in person. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t recreate the old fun time!The online UNO lets you play with your friends and family virtually. You can even play with players around the world that are available at that time and also you can create a private room for your friends and family.

The game will revive old memories and times when things were not this depressing. Therefore, allow this game to be an escape from reality for you, your friends, and your family.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush was one of the most played games in pre coronavirus days. However, as soon as the quarantine phase started people tried experimenting with their free time with new games. While it is important to try something new in terms of online games but having some time to play the classic won’t hurt.

Also, if you think that you can no longer be addicted to this game again then it is time to test yourself. We bet this game will get you hooked fully.

Dumb Ways to Die

Before you think of this game as something that encourages suicide or anything, hear us out. The game is all about protecting the fun blobs that canbe done if you are playingextremely carefully.

As a blob watcher, your challenges are to protect them from their imaginative methods in dying. As you start moving ahead in the game, you will have to take care of more blobs and this will eventually test your confusion, stress level, and your attention at the time of playing.

Make sure you keep yourself calm and composed because you have to protect some lives out here.