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Pharmacists: The One Thing Missing from Online Pharmacies

by Rosy

There is definitely something to be said for going online to order prescription medications. You can find cheaper prices, especially when you buy from a Canadian pharmacy, and you certainly can’t beat the convenience. But there is one big thing missing from the online pharmacy experience: the pharmacist.

This might not be a big deal if you take a long-standing prophylactic drug that doesn’t require regular interaction with a pharmacist. For example, maybe you are on a long-term antibiotic to prevent recurring urinary tract infections. Your need to speak with a pharmacist is limited. Still, there are times when having that direct access can be helpful.

How Online Pharmacies Work

A legitimate online pharmacy is an extension of a physical pharmacy. It dispenses medications through an online platform similar to any other e-commerce environment. Patients send in their prescriptions along with their orders. Those orders are filled and shipped directly to patient homes.

Canada Pharmacy is an online Canadian property that dispenses medications through a licensed, physical pharmacy located in Manitoba. They allow patients to place orders as long as they supply an electronic version of their original prescription. However, doing so only gets the fulfillment process started. Actual drugs are not shipped until Canada Pharmacy receives the original prescription. You have to mail it or arrange for digital transfer.

Ordering online is fairly straightforward. It is also fast. If you know what you’re doing and you are a regular customer, you can place an order in mere minutes. Yet it does take longer for drugs to arrive. Given that it could take a day or two for your original prescription to get to the pharmacy, shipping is automatically delayed by that amount of time. Then it takes time for the drugs to reach you once they are shipped.

Just an Online Marketplace

It should be clear that an online pharmacy is just a retail marketplace. It is an online portal for ordering prescription drugs from the convenience of your own home. And because drugs are shipped directly to your door, there is no need to drive down to the pharmacy and stand in line. But again, you also don’t get access to a pharmacist.

This is generally not a problem for most people. But if you do need to speak to the pharmacist, that’s another matter. You might want to ask the pharmacist why you seem to be having a certain reaction to your medication. You might be curious about how a new prescription might interact with something else you are taking. Pharmacists are invaluable sources of this sort of information.

Experts in Drug Usage

You might not know that pharmacists are trained experts in drug usage. Doctors are not. Your doctor can write a prescription for particular drug that he knows is effective for whatever condition you are suffering from. But he is not an expert in that drug or how it works. Thus, he has to defer to the pharmacist on questions he cannot answer.

Your pharmacist is trained specifically in how drugs affect the human body. She understands each of the body’s systems and how they interact with medications. She has been trained in everything from medication side effects to the dangers of drug interactions.

If you have ever had a good conversation with your pharmacist, you know how helpful these trained professionals are. Just know that you will not have instant access to a pharmacist should you decide to purchase Canadian drugs online. Think it over. Cheaper prices may be appropriate for some prescriptions, but instant access to your pharmacist might be the deal-breaker for others.