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Partner with customs consultants for your importing business!

by Paul Watsdon

When it comes to importing goods into the US, you have to ensure compliance to all norms, regulations, and requirements of Customs and Border Protection (CBP). No matter whether you are importing your pet, or want to get goods for commercial sale within the United states, customs compliance is a must. Also, all necessary duties, fees and other charges must be paid for. Any shortcoming in compliance may mean serious complications and hefty fines. 

Instead of trying to understand the intricacies, consider working with a customs broker. All customs broker in the US are licensed by Customs and Border Protection, and working with services like Clearit customs consulting can help your business considerably. In this post, we are sharing more on how customs consultants can help commercial importers and businesses engaged in international trade. 

Understanding trade agreements

It is well-known that trade agreements change without any notice, and even a small change in regulations and norms can impact your business. Without customs consultants, you are left on your own to keep up with the changes, and that is always complex. In addition to that, a good and experienced customs broker can also help your business in understanding the documentation and paperwork involved. This further helps in avoiding issues with the CBP and other government agencies, as applicable for the concerned category of shipments. 

Tax requirements and exemptions

Without paying the applicable duties, dues and other fees, you cannot expect to get your shipments cleared at the customs. Tax requirements and exemptions are also important aspects that must be considered, so that you can use the available rules for saving on imports. Your customs broker can help you understand all of that and more. They also help in ensuring that your company doesn’t end up in a compliance audit-related matter, and if a compliance audit comes up, they can offer consulting and assistance with that, as well. 

More from customs consultants

Many customs consultants also have the experience of offering assistance with special assessments and tariff treatments, and as you plan to expand your business, they will offer guidance on how to move seamlessly from one step to another. 

There is no law that states that you need a customs consultant to start importing, but working with one will only help in easing the common issues that come up with CBP and import-related matters. Check for a reliable customs consultant now!