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Knowing nondestructive testing

by Tom Rider

Non destructive testing is fast getting popular in a variety of fields for testing and analyzing the quality of material, properties of material without causing damage to the basic characteristics of the material.

Today, non destructive testing or NDT is used in a variety of fields like petroleum engineering, forensic engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering and many more. There are many techniques used to evaluate and inspect materials without permanently altering the material, like eddy current, liquid penetrant, radiographic, ultrasonic and visual testing. These techniques are important as they not only save time and money, but they are also a very big help in research and development of quality products and technology.

NDT uses electromagnetic radiations, sound and other techniques to evaluate the composition, integrity and condition of the examining material without any alteration. Today, there is a widespread application of NDT in civil engineering and material testing and evaluation.

Important NDT techniques

Although there are many techniques used in nondestructive technology for evaluation of materials, some of the most important techniques are as follows:

Phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT):

This technology is based on the same physics as the conventional ultrasound inspection with a difference mainly in the probe technology, configuration and instrument electronics.

Automated ultrasonic testing (AUT)

This technology has a motorized scanner that manipulates the probe while tracking their position during inspection. This technology is ideal for corrosion detection and weld inspection.

 Conventional ultrasonic testing:

This technology is mostly used to measure thickness, weld inspection and corrosion detection.

Time of flight diffraction:

This technology is recognized for its high level of accuracy and is based on ultrasonic wave’s travelling time.

Eddy current array:

This technology is widely used as it offers greater sensitivity to potential flaws due to multi coil design. This technology is used to inspect complex geometrics like teeth on gears.

Pulsed Eddy Current

This technology is based on magnetic field penetration and is mainly used to measure thickness and corrosion in ferrous materials that are covered with insulation layer, fire proofing and coating.

Magnetic flux leakage

This technology is based on electromagnetism and measurement of permeability variations. This technology is used to confirm the presence of flaws due to loss of wall thickness due to corrosion or cracks.

Application of nondestructive technology

Scope of use for non destructive testing is increasing everyday with innovations in technology. The biggest use of this technology is made for the evaluation and understanding the quality of materials to be used in a variety of applications. Today, many companies that manufacture critical components for industries and human use are widely using it before dispatching their products to the user.

The industries are using the testing to check the quality of material being manufactured at their plants and healthcare industry like labs and research centers are using it to examine and find their answers.

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