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KARL STORZ Light Sources: How They Help Healthcare

by Paul Petersen

KARL STORZ light sources are amongst the leaders in the area of imaging of endoscopy. Milestones like the endoscope camera FULL HD worldwide were successfullymade KARL STORZ SYSTEM FULL HD 3D for endoscopy. Improved sensing unit technology with higher resolution as well as technologies in display innovation as well as high-performance picture handling electronics leads to continual more growths.

Along with premium electronic cameras for inflexible, as well as adaptable endoscopy, the item variety from KARL STORZ uses mobile all-in-one remedies for human as well as veterinary medication with its incorporated LED light, LED backlight screen, as well as documentation unit.

The item spectrum for the aspect of lighting ranges from the high-intensity XENON to the contemporary LED source of light through to the mobile battery source of light.

The FULL HD from KARL STORZ is flexible in design, as well as can, therefore, be ideally adapted to suit different needs. This modular style concept makes it simpler to increase the system, as well as ensures a high degree of future-proofing. Numerous S-Technologies allow specialists to modify the endoscopic image with homogeneous lighting or by enhancing the vibrant comparison. Additionally, shade changing makes it easier to separate in between tissue types.

As Individual as Your Requirements

The camera FULL HD platform IMAGE1 S provides doctors one system for all applications. As a modular electronic camera platform, IMAGE1 S incorporates different technologies, e.g., adaptable, rigid, as well as 3D endoscopy, in one system as well as can as a result be adapted to individual client needs. Additionally, near-infrared, or NIR/ICG, for fluorescence image, the combination of operating microscopes as well as using VITOM exoscopes is feasible utilizing the camera platform.

Brilliant as well as lancinating images in FULL HD with all-natural shade rendition

Individual modules can be selected according to customer needs, e.g., for stiff, adaptable, and 3D technology

Three innovative visualization innovations for easy tissue differentiation:

  • CHROMA, CLARA, und SPECTRA additionally in 3D
  • Automatic light source control
  • Several source administrations: Simultaneous control, screen, documents of picture details from two connected image sources, e.g., for crossbreed treatments.