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How to Upkeep your Hot Spa?

by Clare Louise

In some cases, handling the chemicals that are required to keep your hot tub water clean and well preserved can be a bit confusing. Loosen up. You don’t require a postgraduate degree in natural chemistry. Here’s an “Introductory to Jacuzzi Chemicals” that will assist in clearing up the important things you need to do to proceed appreciating your jacuzzi in a secure as well as healthy and balanced fashion.

A spanking clean medical spa makes another core part of hot tub upkeep a lot easier: water chemistry. Stabilizing your hot tub’s water resembles balancing swimming pool water, yet a bit trickier as a result of the drastic size distinction.

Hang on, do not contact your high school chemistry teacher right now. You’ll be targeting the specific same elements as you would with a swimming pool: pH, alkalinity, as well as sanitizer levels.

However, prior to you include anything to your hot spa, you require a standard analysis on your water chemistry. When your Jacuzzi is filled up, examine your water to determine the pH and alkalinity levels.


Sanitizing your Jacuzzi water is a crucial upkeep you can do on your own. Why? Sanitizers eliminate the germs that can expand in warm water. Here’s a quick overview of the various types of spa maintenance chemicals:


  • Dichlor:

Extremely effective as well as self-shocking, Dichlor is a balanced type of chlorine that can be made use of both as a disinfecting shock as well as a recurring sanitizer. When utilized properly with the system, you will not experience chlorine itching, smell, or breakouts.

  • Trichlor:

Never make use of a spa sanitizer such as trichlor. Normally used in the pool, but it’s very harsh in warm water. It may harm your hot spa, may cause respiratory problems as well as will nullify most gym’s service warranty.

You’re may be knowledgeable about chlorine being used as the primary sanitizer in pools. Chlorine can be utilized in various concentrations in Jacuzzis. There are chlorine tablets as well as chlorine granules produced, especially for Jacuzzi usage.

  • Bromine

Bromine can be contributed to a jacuzzi in the type of nuggets, tablets, or granules. Sodium bromide is one form. It requires to be triggered with an oxidizer like Potassium Monopersulfate or chlorine shock. One more type of bromine product is BCDMH. It is a self-activating bromine chlorine combination. Many people select bromine instead of chlorine as bromine is a reliable sanitizer in Jacuzzis as it does not “gas off” at higher temperatures, i.e. great than 98 degrees and creates fewer smells than chlorine. Bromine functions in a vast array of levels of pH. Bromine is usually distributed through a drifting cartridge or feeder system.