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How to Sanitize Everything You Touch When You Travel 

by Tereso P Jerry

Coronavirus necessitated us to be confined to our homes for months. Even as the unlock strategy is being implemented in phases, people are aware of the risks that they may face while traveling. This may not be the ideal period for travel enthusiasts to fly to a new destination, but with precautionary measures, one can keep away from the virus. While you’re are all geared up for the next vacation spot, it may not be as easy as it seems. The plush hotel rooms, the carpet, clean bathrooms, and other things may look spick and span, but there may be chances of germs lurking on the surfaces. Hence, it would help if you sanitized everything before touching any object or surface at the time of travel. Here’s how you can do: 

  • Disinfect seats: Whichever mode of transport you take, airplane or train or a car, make sure you disinfectant seats, armrests, seat belts, and most importantly, the tray table. Tray tables attract the most germs. You can use Dr Rhazes Antibacterial and Virucidal Wet Wipes to disinfect the surfaces. 
  • Never fail to sanitize hands: As per the WHO recommendation, the golden rule to prevent the virus is to keep your hands germ-free by washing hands with soap and water or using a hand sanitizer. While traveling, make sure you carry a hand sanitizer that you can use to sanitize your hands especially after touching high contact surfaces like-  doorknobs, tables, remotes, cell phones, and other items. If you’re planning to go hiking, always carry a packet of wet wipes so that you use it to wipe off sandy hands and feet. 
  • Cleaning bathrooms: You need to take extra care while using public restrooms as this where bacteria, germs, and other viruses thrive the most. It is always smart to use a tissue to lift the toilet seat as touching it with bare hands can be risky. You can also use  air and surface disinfectant spray on the toilet seat to stay away from germs. Even in the case of hotel bathrooms, you need to be careful as you never know whether it is germ-free or not. Though it may look thoroughly tidy, always use a tissue when using it or spray a disinfectant before touching anything.
  • Carry extra pair of slippers or flipflops: Roaming barefoot in and about hotel rooms or outside can put in a risk of getting prone to the virus. You can also bring in water shoes when you’re taking a shower. 
  • Dealing with Bedspreads: When you’re staying in a hotel room, simply fold the bedspread and keep it aside. In this case, too, you cannot clean or wash the bedspread; hence you need to carry anti-microbial cocoon travel sheets. It will ensure that you have a good sleep where you stay or travel to a new spot without fearing the germs or bugs. 

These are some of the sanitization practices you can follow at the time of travel. Whether you’re planning a vacation to a nearby location or abroad, you wouldn’t want to take any risk regarding your health. It is always advisable to stash a bottle of hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% virus and bacteria.