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How to Increase your Chances of Winning your Workers’ Comp Case in Virginia

by Paul Watsdon

Getting work-related injuries can be frustrating or devastating. It could mean missing days of work, worrying about your utility bills, and stressing about medical bills. But, you can increase the odds of winning your workers’ compensation case and get maximum compensation if you work with a reputable workers’ compensation attorney in Virginia like one from Injured Workers Law Firm.  

When you apply for workers’ compensation, you may meet good news or get denied claims even if you have valid on-the-job injuries. So, how exactly can you increase your chances of winning the case? Here are ways to do it:

Ensure You Have a Legitimate Claim

You may lose your workers’ compensation case if you fail to report your injury and present your case. Thus, you need to review the kinds of injuries you are eligible for workers’ compensation. To qualify for workers’ compensation, your injuries must be work-related. You can also be eligible for workers’ comp if you have repetitive stress injuries and occupational illness. If you are worried your claim might be denied, hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Have Correct Documentation

If you want to win your case, follow the workers’ comp protocols in Virginia. Report the incident to your employer within 30 days of the injury. Give details about the events that resulted in the injury or illness, write down whatever you can remember about the incident, and consult with a workers’ comp lawyer. These steps will significantly increase your chances of successfully getting workers’ comp benefits.

File an Appeal if your Claim is Denied

Filing an appeal when your claim is denied will give you another chance of winning your case. Don’t lose hope when your claim is denied because many legitimate workers’ comp claims are denied the first time around. An experienced lawyer knows how to strengthen your case, so you can get the compensation you need and deserve.