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How the Cloud can Give Your Practice a Competitive Edge

by Paul Petersen

As you dial in your competitive strategy, technology might not always be the first place you’d stop to look. However, have you considered that your current I.T. solutions might be hindering your getting ahead of your competition? Some ways you can use technology would be for tasks like personalizing your client communications, gaining access to new markets, or starting an entirely new service. Even integrating technology like RocketMatter can help get you ahead of the competition first.

Let’s look at how this might work for your law firm.

it lets you focus on your firm’s core value differentiator.

Under global pressure, your company will get more competitive. Therefore, you must narrow down your firm’s focus. In particular your practice model and the core value differentiation your firm offers. Use of Cloud services will not only help consolidate your focus, they can eliminate extraneous effort that does not align with your practice goals. Essentially cloud services offer you the capabilities necessary to run your firm with a focus on major revenue-generating activities.

They are Safe and Secure

Many companies are reluctant to move to cloud usage due to the misapprehension that having IT processes in-house under tight control may be a safer solution. Even though using the cloud might mean relinquishing some control. However, this is often the case where a third party firm can safeguard your data securely than you would. Cloud service providers often have vigorous security protocols  and they will outline their methodologies to you so they ensure that you completely have confidence in letting them manage your data. The security of your data is treated as an absolute priority so they’ll “dedicate extensive resources” to ensure that.

It helps create Collaboration between the Workforce

Cloud services allow for effortless collaboration between employees. As such, co-workers can retrieve relevant documents and files from anywhere. By eliminating the time-consuming and sometimes unsecured processes of sharing files to and from over email, you’ll be creating a more streamlined procedure. Also, having an efficient collaboration system that allows staff to retrieve files from a centralized location will ultimately lead to an improved law business bottom line.

It promotes Functionality, Efficiency, and Flexibility

The law business landscape is ever-changing. So it is interesting to observe how some firms adapt to such changes, often several years too late. Use of Cloud computing lets you adapt to the market conditions with such flexibility that you won’t have when using physical or on-site solutions. Besides adapting to different external conditions, the virtual solution will allow for quick responses to various internal demands. When user demand increases, the cloud services may be increased to meet the new demand or it can easily be reduced as demand drops. This then eliminates the dilemma of IT systems overload or over-provisioning.

Cloud services in your practice will offer you exceptional opportunities for insight. Hence it will deliver you value that surpasses the flexibility it provides your firm on the surface. As you leverage this additional value, you’ll be able to focus on redesigning your organization’s initiatives while continually driving towards success.