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How much can you expect from car accident compensation? Find here!

by Paul Petersen

Thousands of car accidents, crashes, and collisions are reported in Georgia every year. A serious crash can have overwhelming consequences for everyone involved. If the car accident happened because of the other driver’s neglect and disregard for safety, you may have the scope to file a personal injury lawsuit. For the unversed, Georgia is an at-fault state, so the driver at fault pays compensation for the victim’s losses, through their insurance company. How much should you expect in car accident compensation? An Atlanta personal injury attorney can give an accurate answer. In this post, we are sharing the basics that will help in knowing the worth of your claim. 

What damages can you recover?

Following a car accident, your losses don’t merely refer to medical bills and vehicle damage. You may have to lose out on income, and if your injuries are debilitating, you may lose out on future earning capacity, as well. As per Georgia state laws, you can recover the following when you file for compensation – 

  1. Medical bills. Medical expenses, costs, and bills related to treatment can be recovered through your car accident compensation. Besides the initial treatment and cost of hospital stay, you can even recover diagnostic fees and other related expenses. If you have suffered injuries that would need long-term treatment, the court will consider that too. 
  2. Lost wages. If the accident forced you to stay out of work for a considerable period of time, the compensation will cover for your lost wages/salary. If you were fired because you couldn’t report back in time, the same will considered by law. 
  3. Lost earning ability. Some accidents can be devastating in the truest sense. If the accident caused injuries that will prevent you from getting back to your job, or your employability in general, the compensation will cover for that.  
  4. Property damage. Expectedly, you must have suffered losses related to vehicle damage, and anything else that was in your car. Compensation will cover for that, as well. 

Contact a personal injury attorney

Most personal injury attorneys in Atlanta will be happy to offer a free case evaluation, and you can find more on your claim and what you can expect in compensation. Your settlement or expected compensation can be impacted drastically if you had a share of fault in the accident. Ask your lawyer about the same, and make sure that you are aware of your options ahead.