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Hiring a Car Accident Attorney: Why You Should Consider their Track Record

by Paul Watsdon

If a party’s negligent action has left you with devastating injuries, you may need to face uncertainties. Your injury might make it difficult or impossible for you to return to work. As a result, you may struggle to pay your living expenses and medical bills. Unfortunately, even if you can be eligible for your compensation, insurance companies may pressure you into accepting a settlement offer from them that won’t reflect your claim’s true value. Because of the many losses involved, you can’t afford to lose your battle with an insurance company. That is why you need an idaho car accident attorney to help you handle your claim. 

However, there are a lot of accident attorneys out there, and cutting through their ad pitches can be hard. Also, it can be difficult to assess their reputation, expertise, and track record. This post will help you understand the importance of a lawyer’s track record and how you can find the best attorney for you:

Why You Must Pay Attention to the Attorney’s Track Record

When negotiating an accident or injury settlement with an insurance company, the latter will not care about the social media following or marketing expertise of your attorney. The company will only focus on the ability of your attorney to take your case to trial and win. 

Insurers will want to close your claim quickly and cheaply. Your attorney can increase the value of your claim by carefully investigating your claim and calculating your damage. An insurance company cannot pressure you into accepting an unfair settlement if you have an attorney on your side. But, insurers also know that attorneys differ. Although some attorneys may accept low settlement offers, others will conduct thorough investigations and are willing to take cases to trial. Insurance companies will also make a background check on an attorney to determine if they are going up against an aggressive attorney who doesn’t fear court arguments. 

Evaluating the Track Record of an Accident Attorney

You need to work with an attorney who is best suitable for you and your case. You need to think about the lawyer’s demeanor and make sure you are comfortable working with them. However, you should also evaluate their reputation and track record in handling car accident cases. You must know how long they have been practicing law, whether or not they specialize in injury claims, how often they take accident cases to trial, and others.