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Great Time to Spend At Sisters Pizza

by Danny White

With friends, family or just at home, there is no occasion that does not match a good pizza. But and for those on a diet, how to resist that delicious pasta disk full of cheeses, ham, sausages in general, meats and so many other ingredients that you can’t even smell if you want to keep the diet? Easy: just know how to choose the flavor of your pizza to turn it into a real light pizza, nutritionist proof and with a lot less calories. Then the pizza options are now in Sisters Pizza. Here you can get the best options for the East Coast Style Pizza along with the best Mediterranean meals. 

As you will visit Sisters Pizza, expect all these options and more. As the variety of pizzas you can find Modest Mouse, Pepperoni Patty, Miss Piggy, OBecian, Livin’ on the Veg, Chickie Chickie Parm Parm, Don Ho, Rooftop BBQ along with the side dishes such as Fried Calamari, Mozarella Sticks, Fried Artichokes, Grilled Caesar, Caprese, Tomato Bisque and many more. They are the true delights for your tastebud. 

Bet on lean meats

Let’s face it, if “pizza” and “diet” are not words that seem to go very well together, “pepperoni” or “tenderloin” won’t do much to make it light, will it? So, the first tip for turning a pizza into a meal that passes the test of your diet is to avoid these heavier ingredients. Instead of them, prefer lean meats, such as shredded chicken, tuna, aliche and turkey breast. You will lose in calories without harming the taste.

Change the white dough for the whole meal

Everyone who does or has ever done a diet knows that whole grains are much better for our health than refined grains, and in the dough of your pizza it is no different! Although the two have more or less the same amount of calories, the dough made with 100% whole flour has many more nutrients and, mainly, dietary fibers that contribute to cholesterol control, favor weight loss, increase the feeling of satiety and even prevent a lot of diseases.

Get into the vegan trend

So how about trying a pizza with marguerita, zucchini and even vegan pepperoni? Even the cheese of these delicacies is made with vegetable ingredients such as cassava, white beans and cassava starch – which considerably reduce the amount of fats present in them. 

As you visit Sisters Pizza restaurant, it is for sure that you will be having a great time with your friends and families. A pizza on the table, friends by your side and a glass of beer or wine at hand, what more can you even expect to have a great time? The employees are extremely friendly here offering their support at every time. Made in memory of ate Green, this Pizza restaurant offers the door for being a part of a community of friends and families. This essence of perfection is something you can surely enjoy. Sisters Pizza is a perfect center for all.