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Four Common Causes of Car Accidents

by Paul Watsdon

Car accidents happen every day for a lot of reasons. While some accidents are quite minor, others are more serious and even fatal. To help avoid accidents, drivers must understand how they happen. The following are some of the most common causes of car accidents.

Distracted Driving

A driver who doesn’t pay attention to the road won’t know what is going on around them. They may not be able to stop in time if they don’t notice brake lights. The main culprit of distracted driving is the use of cellphones. Proving that the other driver is guilty of distracted driving can be difficult, so victims must hire a Rockford Car Accident Lawyer if they want to file a case against the other party involved.


When the driver goes too fast, it will be difficult to stop in time to avoid a crash. Also, it makes it difficult to react properly to different situations. An extra second to process a situation can already make a big difference in their well-being and the well-being of people around them.

Following Another Car Too Closely

Rear-end collisions take place as they combine several common car accidents such as speeding and distracted driving. These accidents can be avoided by staying back and not following too closely. This will allow a driver to slow down in time and avoid a rear-end collision.

Beating a Red Light

Car accidents that take place in intersections can be quite serious, particularly when cross-traffic is involved. This kind of accident can be avoided by obeying traffic laws and slowing down for a yellow light instead of speeding up.

If you have been in a car accident, an attorney can help you get the money you deserve while you try to get on with your life. Regardless of the kind of accident you have been involved in, your lawyer can fight for your rights.