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Five Spots At Home You Can Place Your Throw Blankets

by Paul Watsdon

Blankets and throws are a very stylish addition to have in your household. But many times, we are bombarded with the query and problem of where to place them. Well, today, you are in luck as we will take a look at five different places you can put them, and they will not get in the way of your comfort. As a matter of fact, they will give your room more character. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

The arm of the accent chair

The accent chair is the seat that is a single one-seater chair in your home. And this can possibly be the first location to place your blankie. The arm is the best location that will display the throw in the best way possible. You may fold it in sections or just let it cascade casually to the floor. Whatever looks good, go with it.

The backrest of your couch

The place you rest your back on the couch is also a very functional location you can place your throw blanket. Yet again, there are so many styles you can set the throw on from straight and neat to casual and rugged. The good thing about the backrest of your couch is that you can put it on any position, at the center or the sides, and even get to switch it up day after day.

The footrest, stool, or ottoman

This is also another place your blankie will look phenomenal on. Here, you may fully cover it or simply fold it into neat sections and place it on top of any of the three. Since these furniture pieces are usually near the main seating couch, they are easy to access, and they will not get into your way. If the ottoman is also a storage space, you may store it inside as well.

Fully cover the couch

If you do not like the blanket hanging. Why not neatly cover the couch cushions and tuck it in at the edges? It is a fast way to keep it in place and even change the outlook of your seat. If you have children in your home, it could be a great way to change things up and maintain the couch’s cleanliness. If they apply dirt and food stains on it, it is easy to change it up. Change the blankies design to change up the home decor.

Hang it on a coat rack

Just because it is called a coat rack does not mean it is exclusive for coats. It can be used for scarves, hats, and even throw blankies. You just have to find the right way to do it so that it appears organized and neat. Sure it is an unconventional place to set a throw pillow, but give it a try and see how it turns out.

Take away

With the above five spots to set your blankies, you should never run out of ideas on where to place them. They are all practical solutions that you should try asap. When you do, take a step back and marvel at the scene.