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Emoji 101: Different Types Of Emojis That You Need To Know And Their Meaning

by Rosy

Do you want to learn more about emojis and their meanings? In today’s new generation of online conversation, you often see a lot of emojis added to their messages to create a more lively theme and, at the same time, to send a more direct point to their readers. Here are the emojis you might want to check.

Tongue Emoji

The Tongue emoji is also a part of Unicode 6.0, just like other popular emojis that you’ve been using, which started in 2010. Most people use the tongue emoji if they want to express something such as licking an ice cream, bullying someone, or just saying that they hurt their tongue. You can use the Tongue emoji in any conversation if you want to.

The usual image of the tongue emoji is a mouth without a lip with a sticking out tongue. It has a lot of meaning, which is why you can use it in many situations in your conversation. Most people use tongue emoji if they want to provoke their friends. You can combine the tongue emoji with a Lollipop emoji.

Brain Emoji

Are you wondering where to use or how to use brain emoji? If yes, then this is the perfect time to learn about brain emoji. The Brain emoji is often portrayed as a pink cartoon image brain. It’s a brain without a skull or head. You can use brain emoji if you are referring to a smart or brilliant idea. Self-proclaimed intelligent people often use this emoji.

Although, you can also use the Brain emoji as a negative comment. An example of that is when you’re trying to say that someone is not using their brains correctly or are dumb. It might be rude to use the brain emoji to identify intelligence, but there’s no other emoji that is more precise than the brain emoji.

There’s also a lot of emoji you can combine with the brain emoji. For example, the graduation cap emoji and the thinking face emoji are perfect in combination with the brain emoji if you’re implying or trying to say that someone graduated with a very difficult college degree.

Flexed Biceps Emoji

In March 2019, there were already at least 3,019 emojis registered to Unicode, and the Flexed Emoji is part of that. The Flexed Biceps Emoji is one of the most commonly used emoji in online communication today. The usual image of the Flexed emoji is a single-arm flexing its massive biceps, just like a bodybuilder showing off his or her huge biceps.

The Flexed emoji have indirect and direct meanings, and most situations, people use the Flexed emoji when they are relaying messages related to sports, bodybuilding, physical strength, and fitness.

You can also use the Flexed emoji when you want to send a message about your ambitions, mental strength, potential, or perseverance. The Flexed emoji is more into the positive side of things. 

Ear Emoji

It’s easy to identify the Ear emoji; it’s an ear of a person. The most basic use of the Ear emoji is for listening and hearing. An example of this was when you heard something weird or unusual; you can use the Ear emoji to provide a more precise meaning to your message. You can also use the Ear emoji if you want to say that you love listening to music.

The best emojis to combine with the Ear emoji are the Headphones emoji, shock face emoji, and the sleeping face emoji. These three emoji have different meanings and use, which is perfect for the Ear emoji since you can use the Ear emoji in various types of situations as long as you refer to hearing and listening.

Eyes Emoji

There are Eyes emoji, and Eye emoji, which both have a different use. The Eyes emoji is a pair of human eyes widely open looking to the left or straight depending on what emoji provider or App you’re using. The Eyes emoji is often used in a direct type of meaning, such as wanting to see something, looking for something, or if you’re approving of something.

You can also use the Eyes emoji if you want to say that “someone is looking weirdly at you,” or you can also use this symbol if you’re going to say that “I’m watching you.” There are also a lot of emojis you can combine with the Eyes emoji, such as the mountain emoji, which pertains to the scenery you love.

You can also use the Weeping face emoji and book emoji combined with emoji’s eyes to imply reading a book and crying afterward. These types of combinations are not often understood by many, which means that you need to be careful whom you send these types of emojis because you might end up not being understood by the other person you’re talking to.

Bone Emoji

If you haven’t noticed, the Bone emoji is a thigh bone or femur, which is the strongest bone in the human body. The Bone emoji is often associated with dogs or if you want to imply that you love dogs. The best emoji that you can combine with the Bone emoji is the Dog emoji.


Every emoji has its purpose and meaning, which fits perfectly with a particular conversation. Using the right emoji will make your message more precise, and your reader will better understand your point. To know more about emojis, you can check the link above.