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Decide Whether You Want Enclosed Car Carrier for Shipping Your Car?

by Danny White

If you are planning to move your car to a new destination then you have a few options to ensure that your vehicle reaches your destination safely. Particularly, if you are shipping any vintage car or a very expensive car then you will like to be extra careful about the safety of your car.

Ship a Car, Inc. offers an enclosed car shipping option where your car will be shipped within an enclosed trailer so that it will be protected against any rain or other climatic condition of the outside atmosphere. This option will offer you a much better security and protection for your car.

However, an enclosed transporting option will be a little expensive option as compared to open car shipping which is a normal method adopted by most car shipping companies. Therefore, people generally prefer to use this option only when they are shipping any exclusive cars that need very special care and protection.

What are the advantages of Enclosed car shipping?

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As we mentioned before, people generally decide on this option when they are shipping any of their classic, vintage, and luxury cars. In this option, your car will receive absolute protection against inclement weather, insects, rock chips, road debris, and several other mishaps that are likely to can happen while on the road.

An enclosed trailer will have hard walls or it can also be soft-sided inside. Having a soft-sided wall within a trailer will prevent your cars from hitting a very hard surface when for example, if your truck hits any pothole while moving.

These trailers will generally come with ramps so that the process of loading your car becomes easier and smoother. Some may also have a certain hydraulically-lifted tailgate meant for zero-degree loading. Such trailers having hydraulics are quite good for transporting any vehicles that may have low ground clearance, e.g. race cars.

What about the cost of Enclosed car shipping?

As far as shipping cost with this option is concerned, it will depend on several factors such as the type of trailer, the operability of your car, how much distance to travel, and also what is your urgency. Normally, this shipping method will be twice that of the open car shipping option.

Your cost of shipping will increase if more distance needs to be covered. If your car is inoperable, then shipping rates will further increase since loading your car will need special equipment. Your car shipping company will calculate the cost of your enclosed car transport by looking at the condition and other details of your car.


You should consider the enclosed car transport option only if you prefer to ship any special car like luxury cars, antique cars, or sports cars, to get extra protection during transit. Also, this option will be needed if your car rides 4” or less from the ground. You must be ready to bear an extra shipping cost for this option.

Otherwise, it will be more preferable to choose the open car shipping option, which is the most popular option and also costs much less.