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Cybersecurity Concerns During COVID – How Can They be Tackled? 

by Danny White

Hackers have switched their focus towards remote workers during the pandemic. Most organizations allowed their employees the option to work from home. And that started a spree of serious phishing attacks. The amount of money that was lost to hacking during 2020 amounts to many billions of dollars and identity theft has been another problem. 

Cybersecurity experts predict that these security concerns will continue to grow even in 2021 if organizations fail to adopt advanced cybersecurity practices. It calls for action from the part of organizations and employees together. 

This guide will take you through the different precautions that have to be taken care of by the employees as well as employers. Have a look. 

Cybersecurity Practices to be Followed by Employees

Employees have a major role in cyber attacks. They’re the people on the systems that contain entire information about the company. Which is why they should follow the following practices to keep away from phishing attacks. 

  1. Learn about the different ways in which hackers use phishing to release malware in a system. It can be done in the best way by paying attention in the cybersecurity sessions that the company organizes. 
  2. Always use VPN (virtual private network) when accessing the work system (or any other system you’re using to access the company’s info). 
  3. It’s better to not use your personal devices to access your work ID and vice versa. 
  4. Use a strong backdoor password and follow the MFA technique if your company incorporates one. 

Also, for people at home, you have to realize that you’ve started using television much more than you did before. It puts your financial information at a great risk when you feed it on the system for Netflix premium and payment for all other streaming platforms. Hence, make sure that you follow the precautions listed below. 

  • Always use a secure router. 
  • Make sure you patch the router from time to time. 
  • Always install the software updates released for the smart TV and other platforms you watch on the TV. 
  • Don’t use an unknown Wi-Fi network. 
  • Make sure your router is password protected. 

Cybersecurity Practices to be Followed by Employers

Your responsibility doesn’t end with arranging for seminars to educate your employees about cybersecurity. You have much more to do.

  • Remember, your employees can follow MFA and use VPN only if you insist. Make them the new protocol so that employees are forced to use them. 
  • Hire white hat hackers to continuously monitor the OS you use so that they can find a vulnerability and fix it before the hackers from the dark side of the web find them and use them to steal the information. 

These are, thus, some of the practices that are safest when it comes to protecting your assets from phishing attacks.