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CAMP or PMP; Which Is Better

by Paul Watsdon

Project management is one of the fastest-growing occupations, but more than 15 million jobs are expected to be created by 2020. To fulfil these roles, companies in many industries want to hire new managers – project managers who have the necessary knowledge and skills in their organization. Many potential project managers understand that project management certification is key to their professional development. With these general descriptions, can you find out which certificate is most appropriate for you? Two things that are especially difficult to choose are CAPM and PMP certifications. After all, every other level of education and experience represents each other. 

Many people find a certified project management member more affordable, but a project manager expert distinguishes the person concerned as an experienced expert in the field. When considering joining a PMP-certified boat camp and a CAPM boot camp, it can be difficult to fully understand the difference and make an informed decision. The Project Management Professional (P-M-P) certification exam and the Certified-Associate in Project Management (C-A-P-M) certification exam is created and managed by the Project Management Institute (P-M-I) to recognize the knowledge of management about the owner of the projects.

What to Get – CAPM or PMP

The CAPM certification application requirements are significantly less demanding than the PMP requirement, which is the main difference between the two names. The price of the certification exam is cheaper for the CAPM exam than for the PMP exam. The CAPM test is shorter in length and longer than the PMP test (oh, and it’s simpler). For PMP exam questions these are all internships and you need to make decisions based on your experience of the “best” things to do. If available, you must earn your units to maintain project manager status. However, the CAPM certification is intended for recent graduates who want to start a business that requires knowledge of a few words about project management and who want to show a clear understanding of the key concepts of PM.

Whereas PMP certification training is a higher and more respected for project management professionals if a person could meet the minimum requirements for work experience in project management and project management training; In general, it is strongly recommended that you pass the PMP certification exam instead of the CAPM certification exam. However, if you do not have the experience and confidence to take the PMP exam on the first try and want to gain some experience with the PMI exam, the CAPM exam is a good choice. Best of all, the material and resources for preparing the study can be the same. This means that you can use commonly purchased exam books and courses for both exams. 

CAPM vs. PMP: Role and Responsibility in the Real World

A useful measure in determining CAPM or PMP is to compare assumptions, testing difficulties, and costs. It may be more important to understand what a CAPM or PMP certificate does in the real world. When all is said and done, certification is the path to go. If the types of roles that the certificate fulfils do not meet your expectations, you should reconsider your decision. Jobs for a project manager are nearby. On these jobs, you can expect ownership of large and complex projects. You need to send them to the library on time and within budget. Once at PMP, previous project management experience and profit expectations are expected. If CAPM is the breadth of your experience and experience management skills, you’ll probably start in the introductory stages.

You are probably qualified to work as an assistant project manager, project manager and business supervisor. In these roles, you can apply your organizational skills, coordinate the team, and enable success in communication. You probably won’t start large projects with large budgets based solely on CAPM certification. However, if you already have significant technical experience, CAPM can help you promote leadership. For example, for CAPM developers, it can be an incentive for you to become a team leader. This will be the basis for later work on project management.

CAPM vs. PMP: Which Is Better?

However, an average PMP certificate nearly $ 40,550 more than a CAPM owner is worth the time and money! However, CAPM is most sensitive for beginners who are new to project management. This is a great incentive for professionals and even for those who want to continue their studies. A five-year certificate makes it easier to work with PMP even after earning a CAPM. Both options offer a door that will enhance your project management career. Having a CAPM or PMP will serve you well, depending on your industry and future goals.

PMP is the world’s leading certification of project managers. PMPs operate in a variety of industries in almost all countries. But PMPs don’t just differentiate their organizations: according to the PMI salary survey, PMP-certified project managers earn 22.3% more than those who don’t have a PMP certificate. Also, CAPM certified personnel have specialist knowledge of PMBOK guidelines, which can be a great first step toward achieving PMP certification.

Cost of CAPM Compared to PMP Test

Professionals seeking a project management certificate are investing in a valuable and long-term investment in their process. PMI charges a fee for both exams, as the CAPM exam costs $ 225 for PMI members and $ 300 for non-members. The PMP exam costs $ 405 for PMI members and $ 555 for members. Many companies offer professional development benefits that cover the costs of employee training and certification. According to an international survey, 73.2% of individuals stated that their companies pay part or all of the training costs associated with obtaining a professional certification.

Conclusion: The Best Are Relative

As already mentioned, PMP and CAPM can add value to the new registration of an ambitious project manager. In this case, CAPM does not achieve much in terms of your professional development. At this point, the question may be asked: can you upgrade CAPM to PMP? However, finding a PMP can help you learn and get a CAPM. CAPM provides basic information that overlaps with the content of the PMP test. Currently, CAPM can be a realistic way to the next step in the process. Whatever you choose, be sure to consider the context of your experience and situation.