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Best Online Tools You Should Keep In Your Arsenal

by Danny White

Online tools are nothing less than our guardian angels. They help us greatly in times of our need. Especially if we are looking at the new normal situation that has been imposed on us, the online tools have become nothing short of a necessity. 

Every other day, we are facing the launch of a new application that is meant to make our life easier. All of this makes it difficult for us to choose. This is why we decided to help you out in choosing the best online tools that you must keep in your arsenal. We hope you enjoy it. 

Skype — To stay connected seamlessly

This largely used telecommunications Application was launched back in August 2003 and gained so much popularity that Microsoft eventually ended acquiring this company. Run by the tech giant since 2011, This Telecom App lets you connect with your colleagues, friends, or relatives living far away from you, where you might even be charged International Rates for calling —  all free of cost. 

You can video call them, audio call them or simply send them a text message. When you register with Skype, you are assigned a unique Skype ID. It also lets you create a directory with a list of all people you contact regularly or frequently or rarely. The application is a must-have for all people working in corporate or simply for daily usage.

Google Docs — Your go-to word processor online

Ever since Computers came into being for an average person, notepads have been an essential part of it. Released in March 2013, the GoogleDocs aimed to create an environment where one does not have to limit his documents’ access to the device it was created on. 

What makes it stand out from all the regular Notepads is the fact that apart from being a regular text editing application, GoogleDocs also serves as a collaborative tool that lets you write alongside your fellow writers for cooperative editing of the same document in real-time. If you’re looking for a text editor for your daily or your business needs, look no more, for this is the best option available in the market.

PDFSimpli — Edit and convert PDFs on the go

We all need changes in our life because change is the only constant thing in this world. Keeping up with the same philosophy, we have a magical online tool called PDFSimpli, which is an online PDF to Word converter. It makes your life simpler by taking care of all your conversion needs. 

It doesn’t matter if you need your PDF file in Word or any other format, PDFSimpli has your back. It is fast and efficient to keep up with the urge of the hour. PDFSimpli is just as helpful to students as it is to the working class. You can also use it as a PDF editor.

Flickr — Share photos & videos seamlessly 

If you are working or studying in a field that requires you to check out and share pictures and videos on the go, then Flickr is the best online tool for you. It is an efficient platform for storing photos and videos as well.