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Best Baldness Solutions You Can Have Now

by Paul Watsdon

Male pattern baldness is a particularly aggressive condition that develops with time and progresses through many stages:

  • The first stage is characterized by a little thinning that begins at the temples.
  • Second stage: the frontotemporal hairline becomes thinner and more noticeable.
  • During the third stage, additional hair loss occurs in the upper and central areas of the scalp.

In the fourth stage, both frontal and central baldness come together, with the possibility of complete hair loss.

In addition to these symptoms, hair loss is frequently preceded by an increase in sebum production as well as localized redness. This issue may also have an impact on an individual’s psychological well-being: those who are affected by it may be unable to accept the phenomena and grow to hate one another; they may also feel uncomfortable around others and may want to isolate themselves.

These symptoms manifest themselves most prominently in teenagers, who may suffer a reduction in their self-esteem and a restriction in their social interactions as a result. Finasteride, and Minoxidil, you need to choose one of these as a cure.


In order to determine the current state of affairs, it is essential to examine the hair and skin of the subject. Let’s have a look at which ones are the most beneficial.

The Trichogram is a kind of examination that enables you to assess the condition of your hair and determine what is causing it to fall out. It is performed when you begin to notice the first symptoms of baldness, such as hair on the pillow, strands on the comb, or hair loss during washing and conditioning. During this examination, it is possible to determine whether there is more growing hair than has been lost or whether there is hair on the verge of falling. If we find ourselves in this situation, it is imperative that we first identify the underlying causes and then begin treatment as soon as possible.

Instead, the examination of the hair allows for a more thorough investigation of baldness-related problems such as seborrhea, dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis. If the diseases are in any way affecting the health of the hair and causing it to fall out, then it is essential to determine whether or not treatment is required.


In order to better care for your hair, the Helvetico Sanders Institute has developed new software that enables you to do a baldness test with your smartphone and get a visual representation of the transplant. Simple inquiries regarding your family history and the condition of your hair will be asked.