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Backstage Issues That Must Be Tackled By An SEO Agency Frequently

by Paul Petersen

Free and unhinged access to the Internet ensures strong competition in every market. Full online shops or presentation sites, the World Wide Web covers all the entrepreneurial efforts and categories: large bands, small producers, distributors, services, and all in between. This is a positive aspect, offering any business a chance to promote and develop with virtually no limits.

Although it’s the ideal situation for any business, it isn’t the same for an SEO agency. An SEO team must be ready to tackle all situations so it can deliver notable results to any type of business that has an online presence. Thus, the SEO team should be prepared to market a certain business in a way that differentiates it from the competition. This can be a tricky objective considering that search engine optimization isn’t an “exact science”. Each customer that knocks on an SEO agency’s door comes with certain precise needs. It has a certain target audience, it offers low or high-quality products or services, has certain objectives, and so on.

Of course, there are guidelines for developing this type of strategy and finding specific answers for every business and its website. The big issue can sometimes be answering the question marks raised by the SEO field itself. Here’s just a few of those “backstage issues” that professionals in an SEO agency must tackle frequently!

Most customers do not understand how SEO works

Generally, the people that contract an SEO agency don’t have knowledge of the field or past experiences with search engine optimization. They usually hear about it on the Internet or from business partners. This means that most clients have unrealistic expectations like positive results in a period of a few days. Other clients don’t clearly understand the strategy and the optimization process steps proposed by the agency, thus creating the first challenge for the field’s specialists: explaining to customers what SEO is and how it works.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an important part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Thus, it’s a type of marketing that uses search engines in order to reach certain goals. The optimization process can be extremely intricate, meaning that continuity and perseverance are mandatory. Results take some time to manifest and success can only be seen on long-term analysis.

The SEO field includes technical optimization, on-page optimization using keywords and longtail search phrases, link building, and a handful of other activities.

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The field is complex and is constantly changing

Most of the measures that an SEO agency takes are connected to Google in some way, so we can safely say that this field is a bit unstable from the specific activities’ standpoint. In other words, because Google is constantly updating its algorithms and changing “the rules of the game”, some actions that offer great results now can become useless on the net update. That means there is no recipe for success in this field. More so, if an SEO specialist makes the wrong choice, Google can bring some wrath on the site through penalties.

Even SEO specialists can make mistakes

The constant shifting and updating of Google algorithms can sometimes cause less experienced SEO specialists to develop ineffective strategies. The miscommunication between different departments in the SEO agency (IT, tech, creative) can add to this challenge, making the activity even harder to manage.