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6 Social Media Tips To Bring Brand Awareness For Your Business

by Clare Louise

If you’re a brand manager for a small company, you must have a digital marketing plan. Compared to before, a lot of businesses are recognizing the power of social media to drive in sales. But how can you make your presence in the digital world more approachable? Here are ways on how you can stay ahead of your competitors. 

Use emojis.

Using emojis was once frowned upon when we’re talking about a business’ online presence. Businesses want to be seen as professional, and emojis were a bit on the mass side in terms of usage. But using emojis actually makes a brand more relatable – in fact, in the past five years or so, most worldwide conglomerates now actively use emojis in their social media posts, promotions,  and more.

There are even dedicated studies to which emojis drive more traffic. Suppose you are an amateur in adding emoji to a business’s account’s scheduled posts. In that case, the top emojis to use is the classic smile emoji, red heart, phone emoji, and arrow down emoji.  Do your due diligence and research on the effects of emojis on certain posts. This should set you up pretty nicely with a weapon to make the brand you are handling fare better in social media.

Always engage with your audience

Engaging in your audience, no matter how small or large they are, can’t be understated. People want to have genuine interactions on social media. It’s where they get their news, communicate with loved ones, and explore communities. When they’re looking for a brand’s official page, you want to be able to answer them in a way that’s swift and timely. 

Whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, setting up an automatic reply to messages sent over non-working hours creates this dynamic of your brand’s approachability. You give off the signal that you are reliable, and that you will be there once available. Remind yourself that most people want quick results when it comes to approaching businesses on social media, so timeliness is key.

Be transparent

Being transparent on a digital landscape is a double-edged sword – for brands and businesses, it can help humanize the business, but on the other hand, it can also make your brand’s image pitiful. There’s a way to create a vulnerability without being too stiff. You can do this by addressing issues the way you should – prompt and with dignity. 

If your brand is in the wrong, always apologize first. Even if your business isn’t directly connected to an issue, if it’s mentioned, make it a point to put out a statement that you are aware of what’s happening. Transparency is making sure that you don’t keep anything from your audience. Be open as much as you can be, and your audience will love you. 

Sound off on relevant issues

As social media and brand managers, you may have been taught to always be tepid on social and political issues. And while that rule still stands, in order to create a brand that has its own stance, you need to sound off on relevant issues that concern your business, as well as your industry. 

Don’t be another business that only wants your customer’s money; instead, be an active contributor to your community. People love it when a brand has something to say about a pressing issue, especially if that brand has lots of influence. Be as forthcoming with your opinions and stance as you would when promoting your products and services. This way, people will associate your stance with your brand.

Talk about behind the scenes stories

A great trick that most businesses, especially multi-national ones, are adopting at a fast-rate is posting behind-the-scenes stories to their latest promotions involving an influencer or a celebrity. For small businesses, you can use this strategy but tweak it in a way where you can still pique your audience’s interest. One great way to do this is to take them on a tour of how you do your products or set-up a service!

Do a raffle.

People love free stuff. May it be food, items, tech, gadgets, even services, a classic way to get your followers to be more engaged with your brand is to give them something to look forward to! Say, for example, you are a flower shop, you can set up a raffle where you select a random commenter to have a free flower arrangement delivered to their doorstep to establish goodwill.

In A Nutshell

Social media is the next frontier of digital marketing. In fact, it’s a major factor in contributing to new and repeat sales for small businesses that got their first break on the platform. So to further being an institution to your audience, heed the listed tips above.