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5 Benefits Of Using Solvent Trap Cups

by Rosy

There’s a few important questions permeating the minds of many firearms owners and enthusiasts…Questions, such as: “what are the benefits of using solvent trap cups? OR How important are they to your firearms?” There’s currently lots of information on solvent trap cups all over the internet.

While I can not speak for other people regarding their success in using solvent trap cups as part of their solvent trap firearm cleaning process, I can speak personally that the benefits far outweigh the cost of purchasing quality cups. So, what is a solvent trap cup anyway?

What Is A Solvent Trap Cup

According to experts, a genuine solvent trap cup is a part of a solvent trap kit that is used to catch and trap firearm solvent during the cleaning process.

What Are The Benefits Of A Solvent Trap Cup?

1. Firearm maintenance: A solvent trap cup is essential for maintaining your firearm. You might wonder why you need this but owning a firearm requires maintenance because if you ignore your firearm, it can lead to malfunctioning and damage which inadvertently can put you and others in danger and this is where the firearm trap cup comes in; to help you with your firearm maintenance.

2. Cleaning: You may be wondering why you need a solvent trap to clean your firearm when you could use a piece of clothe or traditional means. There is always a right and safer way when it comes to cleaning firearms. Considering the use of cleaning kits, Armory Den’s solvent trap cups the straightforward choice to use. Using the correct solvent trap cups would allow adequate space at the muzzle size of the solvent trap from your barrel.

Some people also filter their dry storage cups for this pattern and if you use Armory Den, you can use their storage cups for this pattern. There is NO wrong way to clean your firearm when using a solvent trap.

3. Variety: Solvent trap cups are very stylish these days and that is to your benefit as you have a lot to pick from. It also comes in varying colors which means you could always get the one that appeals to you.

4. It increases your firearm’s life: If you do not maintain it, it will rust, get damaged, and eventually become useless. A clean firearm is a good firearm, and solvent trap cups prevent rust, corrosion, and dirt which helps in preserving the life of your firearm and prevents less damage to it. 

5. Accuracy: Solvent trap cups help maintain and increase the accuracy of your firearm which decreases when you do not clean your firearm properly.


There are a lot of brands for solvent trap cups but remember that you should always go for the best, the legal, and the most effective. Want to know more about solvent trap cups, Their benefits, and usage? Why not check out armoryden.com and its products.