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5 Benefits and Advantages of Renting Industrial Equipment

by Paul Watsdon

Deciding on whether to buy or rent equipment is one major decision that most companies must make before owning that heavy industrial equipment by bosstek.com required to complete projects. Maintaining a balance between time savings and cost made by the use of heavy equipment over labor can greatly be beneficial. Additional benefits include the lowered risk of workplace accidents and, for some industries, performing tasks that are not physically possible when using labor alone.

If you’re tasked to make such a decision, here are five benefits that your business will enjoy if you choose to rent industrial equipment.

Project-Specific Rentals

In general, construction companies will often balance several projects at once. Therefore, instead of incurring the costs of moving equipment or sharing them for multiple jobs, look into renting particular equipment for specific projects. Renting will eliminate possible logistical delays that might arise, and provide each project with the right resources to finish the project efficiently.

Lower Costs

For smaller buildings and general construction project management, renting is cheaper. Plus this option does not cause a strain on the business cash flow due to large capital expenses as you start on the contract. Once a project is done, you’ll not have to pay for the equipment, except for when you have another project. Renting equipment also means that you have access to the latest features and equipment versions as the hiring company continues to update its stock. As for purchased equipment, the asset value starts to depreciate once it leaves the store.

Save on Maintenance

For the equipment to run properly and efficiently, it has to undergo maintenance to some degree. So, if you are leasing or renting a piece of equipment, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance costs. That means that you can use the machine and save on maintenance costs. Hence, if there’s a breakdown, the hiring company can either have the problem fixed by an engineer or send over a replacement.

No Depreciation Costs

If you own industrial equipment, you’re likely to incur significant depreciation costs. As the machinery value continues to decrease, it will become much harder for you to recover your initial investment costs. While all businesses operate differently, looking into renting industry equipment can help you avoid losses linked to depreciation.

Not Worry About Storage

Owning construction equipment will have you worrying about storing it properly when it’s not in use. If your business owns heavy equipment, then mechanics, storage facilities, and equipment maintenance expenses must be added to the overhead costs. Also, if your business is experiencing a quiet spell, you will not only have to find enough space for storage, but you’ll also be losing money whenever the equipment remains idle. That means when you rent you’ll only be paying for the equipment as you need it.

Should You Rent or Buy?

With changing technology and demands, buying industry equipment makes a good long-term solution. However, renting has its benefits that can include saving on maintenance costs and not having to worry about storage. All the same, whatever option you settle for be sure to choose the one that aligns with your needs