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4 Tips to Improve Customer Service in the Laundry Business

by Paul Watsdon

Since customers are core in any business it’s important that they are your top priority.

As such happy customers will help bring in more business and even build your commercial washing machine credibility. That’s why your focus should be on keeping your customers satisfied and happy by providing outstanding services thanks to equipment like Continental Girbau especially when you’re in the laundry industry.

So, what can you do to attain this crucial goal? Below are 4 tips you can use to improve customer service in your laundry business.

  1. Train your team

Remember that customer service can occur online, in person, and over the phone. Despite the method used, your team needs to be prepared to address questions, a complaint, or concern. And since commercial washing machine businesses have fewer employees to operate equipment like Continental Girbau, this aspect is crucial. Thus, you should start by gathering your team and discussing the importance of customer service. Also, identify areas where you have the most interaction with customers – then look for areas where you have weaknesses and opportunities for growth. Thereafter, discuss these aspects with your team and devise ways to improve.

  1. Improve your communication

Communication is the core of any customer relationship. And that means how you interact with your customers can help give you that competitive edge over your competitors.

For this to happen, focus on the following elements:

Clarity – Communication should be clear and to the point. Always strive to talk to customers directly and concisely. Plus avoid skirting away from an existing problem or conflict.

Methods – You should have a way for customers to communicate with you. So, if your business doesn’t have full-time staff in your stores, ensure you post social media accounts, phone numbers, and email addresses where customers can reach you.

Attitude – Also, always have a positive attitude when communicating with your customers. Avoid being hostile or negative and only focus on the positive side of things plus always offer solutions. Again be aware of your nonverbal communication and body language as well.

Offer your customers opportunities to communicate with you.

  1. Connect with Your Customers

While having some common ground makes a huge difference when you’re having disagreements, still connections go beyond that. For example, consider sharing with your customers how your laundromat business operates behind-the-scenes. Also, you could post a detailed biography of your history or an online tour of your business. Of importance here is that you’re putting your business out there. Hence the more visible your business is, the easier it will become for you to address any customer relations concerns. What’s more, improved customer connections will make your laundry business more trustworthy thus improving your customer’s overall feeling of safety.

  1. Increase Your Availability

A store with hard-to-find employees may not give you the results you want. To avoid this, one crucial step you could take is to become a visible leader in your company. This might be something like posting online, for instance on social media platforms. In so doing you’ll be able to connect with customers which then fosters a positive relationship. Also, in the laundry store itself, always have your employees available. Besides, a small problem could be made worse when employees are hard-to-locate.

Overall, customer service is among the trickier aspects of operating a laundromat business. However, by recreating an excellent customer experience and repeatedly improving that experience you’ll be able to create a gap between you and your competition that can be difficult to close.