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4 Advantages of Moving Your Compliance Training Online

by Tom Rider

When running your business, the ROI is likely on top of your mind – so why compromise on your employee’s training? The use of the internet is not limited to marketing; it can also help you move your microlearning compliance training programs into the 21st century. It allows you to use methods that will keep employees involved, engaged. Plus employees will stay informed on technology updates and trends that matter the most.

By offering cost-effective training with increased engagement, you will be able to improve the efficiency of all areas of the organization plus boost your bottom line. Let’s look at four benefits you can witness once you move your compliance training online.

Easily Standardize Compliance Training Across Your Business

Moving your True Office Learning compliance training online is advantageous for if you’re running your business on a large and fast-growing scale. It also allows you to instantly push out policy changes, updates, or new training modules. Besides, improving your company’s compliance is increasingly becoming important. While this is crucial from a legal perspective, it also helps save your team lots of money and time that would have gone on logistics and face-to-face training.

Opens Up Off-Site Learning

Your compliance training should support operations in a different location. This is considering more and more businesses aren’t limited to a single environment. With online training, team members who work from an office setting, or those who frequently attend off-site conferences and meetings can catch up on the compliance training from anywhere anytime. This ensures your employees are compliant regardless of their location. Plus this helps cut down on logistics as well as planning of HR teams.

Automating Deadlines and Notifications

Using an online platform for your compliance training allows employees to control their training and progress. Automating notifications ensures that your team members stay on top of upcoming deadlines. And this means managers won’t have to chase after them in person. This is crucial where legal requirements must be met and compliance training is necessary. Also, this empowers management teams to monitor staff progress and get feedback from these courses without using checklists and manual data entry. Also, you can introduce gamification to create course-specific and company-wide league tables that contain healthy levels of competition among employees.

Reduces Costs

There are many ways you can cut down costs. First off, the Learning & Development and HR teams will greatly save time on logistics and admin when organizing training. Also, the trainers take a back seat since all they have to do as the process starts is working with your software provider to ensure that everything meets the standard. After rolling out the training, they can focus on other tasks while observing your teams’ progress. Note that online compliance training offered on streamlined software will require a one-off licensing and single licensing fees. Also, ongoing costs will reduce greatly as compared to classroom-based and face-to-face training.

All in all, whether you want to reduce costs, achieve business-wide standardization, or enhance the learning culture amongst your employees, moving your compliance training online may just be what you need. And the first step involves investing in a visually-engaging, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-use platform. This makes it one of the best and most cost-effective changes you could make for your business.