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3 tips to find the right home care service in Phoenixville

by Clare Louise

Convincing a senior parent to have a home health care aide is not easy. What’s even tougher is finding the right service. If you are in Phoenixville, you can find a wide range of services that offer services, exclusively for the elderly. As someone who is hiring a home health aide for the first time, you are bound to have your concerns. In this post, we are sharing some practical tips on finding the right home care service in Valley Forge. 

  1. Determine your needs. The scope of home care services is huge. What kind of assistance are you looking for? For instance, many seniors are perfectly capable of doing the regular chores, but may have a hard time remembering medicines. In other cases, a person may want help with daily activities like bathing, dressing, and getting meals on time. Before you compare your choices, you must consider the services you need. 
  2. Find a reputable home-care agency. While you can ask around to find caregivers you can trust, working with a reputable home-care agency has many advantages. Firstly, the personal care plan for a senior can be customized as needed, and secondly, the agency will be in charge of background check and screening of aids. In case the caregiver needs a break, the same home-care agency can provide respite care. For finding an agency that you can rely on, ask for references and do check online reviews. 
  3. Know your caregiver. Even the agency has done its share of background check and screening, you need to consider if a caregiver has relevant experience of handling concerned patient. Caring for a senior also means having an empathetic approach, and caregivers are required to have patience, because older people take time with everything. When you look for services, insist on meeting the caregiver in person. 

What about costs?

The cost of home care services depends largely on the nature of work involved. If the caregiver is expected to have a live-in arrangement, the costs are going to be higher. In case a senior is more or less independent, the caregiver can come over for a few hours and help with the chores and regular needs. Don’t shy away from asking questions when you interview caregivers, especially when you are hiring through an agency. Paying for the right agency, even if that’s a little more than your budget, is never a bad idea. 

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