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10 Adobe Creative Cloud Applications and Tools that Make Photo Editing Easy

by Paul Petersen

Adobe Creative Cloud provides the best tools and applications that one can access online. This is especially true for those who want to edit their photos in new and interesting ways. That is why we have chosen to share 10 applications and tools from the Adobe CC family that make it easy to enhance photos. 

Photoshop CC

Those who have chosen to buy Adobe CC will know that the most popular photo-editing application is Photoshop CC. There is a reason this program has become renowned throughout the world. It can be used to edit photos in just about any way you can think of. 

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Photoshop Express

For those who prefer to get their photo-editing done one the move or with minimal in-depth effort, they might want to use the Photoshop Express rather than Photoshop CC. 


Switch Between Devices

A feature of Photoshop and Photoshop Express, this feature allows for users to start projects on an iPad and continue working on them on a desktop, and vice versa. Thanks to the cloud-saving, you can work on these photos anywhere.


Object Selection Tool

Photoshop CC allows the user to select and outline any object they choose, while Adobe Sensei outlines the rest of the object. Artificial intelligence learning at its finest. 


Camera Raw Improvements 

Photoshop CC allows for the Camera Raw workspace to put your tools right where you want. These tools allow for a much smoother experience while editing the photos that you want. 


Lightroom CC

Lightroom is also a great photo-editing tool in the Creative Cloud family, as it allows for a variety of filters and post-processing work to get done quickly and efficiently on a host of different photos.


Using the Clone/Heal Tool

The Clone/Heal tool that is offered by Lightroom allows for users to remove little annoyances from the photo. For example, if there are bits of litter in an outdoor photo, this tool makes it possible to remove them. 


Using the Effects Panel

Another Lightroom feature, this panel comes with an Effects panel that allows the user to add a host of different effects to the picture. Want an old grain filter that looks as though it were from the 50s? This is your go-to tool. 



This is a pretty simple aspect of photo editing, but also one of the most important. Both Photoshop and Lightroom offer a prime cropping feature in order to keep out certain parts of the picture, allowing you to tell the story you want. 


Radial or Gradient Filters

Another fairly basic, but crucial feature, these filters allow for focusing the viewer’s attention on certain parts of the picture. They also allow for darker or lighter skies depending on the mood you are going for.


These are just 10 of many tools and features from Adobe CC that make it easy to enhance your photos. They will certainly assist you in taking your photo-editing skills to the next level and open doors to an exciting new world of photography.